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Know your rights!AirlineFliersRights EditaNLaurel, Web Editor
Hello and a Warm Welcome! Today is
Done with the Happy VERY COLD , and welcome to a still cold April ~ so far, anyway. It warmed up a bit but tomorrow we are expecting snow and rain! It is planting season, for goodness sake! ! This is your Airline Travelers' Guide! Welcome to air travel guide, best travel tips, best travel destinations guide. I do apologize for the constant changes. My hosting company upgraded the software, and as a result, some portions are still under "reprocessing". I am a writer, a traveler, but not a website technical builder. Although, I really wanted to. I am learning IT - but more in hardware and architecture, and database management in my SAP courses. It warmed up a little here in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flt 370. We have updates here: also here: Malaysia Airlines Flt 370 Mystery . Stay away from Russia - and China's long knife murderers. Breaking News Page . The Philippines is still recovering - and still a lot of homeless people after the super typhoon hit months ago...we feel for the people of Arlington, Washington. Remind yourself: See the story here: Asiana Airlines Crash in SFO . I am hoping there were no pets in the cargo hold. There was no mention of pets on board or on cargo hold. See my page here about Flying with Pets. Break from consulting right now. concentrating on polishing my social media skills :-). See Japan tsunami updates here.. Tsunami in Japan , Earthquakes: in Chile, in Solomon Islands, and a small tsunami in Japan, which was caused by the earthquake in Chile. They are part of the "Pacific Rim of Fire". Mudslides, missing flight, earthquakes, not very good news last and this month. Have you seen the blood moon tonight? I did! Awesome! On careers, I added a page on Human Resource technology career field. See it here : Human Resource Technology

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Searching the various travel services', can be time consuming. Now, with our condensed guide, you can quickly find the cheap airline tickets, hotels, discount cruises, and other services, you're looking for.

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Here is a travel situation you don't want to be in:
Horror Cruising

Immigration Updates

Last Winter, the Argentine government announced that it will impose up to $131.00 in immigration entry fees to travelers who are citizens of U.S., Australia and Canada. Read more....
January 2014
Passport - Pages Addition Adding pages to your passports is no longer free. The change to this started June, 2010. To add pages to your passport, the fee is now $80.00. You need to add pages if you just have from 2 - 4 pages left. Also see Rush Passport Processing

Brazil has abolished its "90-Day Use it or Lose It" Visa which only causes inconvenience to travelers and travel agents.
USA's WHTI The U.S. government implemented the full requirements of the land and sea phase of the New Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). This requires most U.S. citizens entering the United States at sea or land ports of entry to have a passport, a passport card (for land only), or other travel documents approved by the Department of Homeland Security. For more information , visit the agency's website here

Travel for Education
I was in China (Shanghai and Beijing), for almost the whole Spring/Summer starting April. That trip was to finish my graduate degree. In lieu of thesis, a final paper was written about my trip to finalize the master's degree. I think that is a lot better than doing research and writing the final thesis. Two weeks ago, I went to Paris, France. Great history in Paris - a lot of them were "dark". BEautiful buildings; a great walking city. You can reach anyplace using their Metro system. Back in China - that educational travel to finish your education (thesis, capstone), was such a great chance to experience China. I did this kind of travel many years ago in London, England when I studied international business law. The weather in London was miserable and gray for the whole duration of our educational experience. This time, it was so different. The weather cooperated. I met new friends, new experiences. If you are offered a similar trip, take advantage of it!
Are you in Facebook? I am! Check me out and request to be my friend: Edith Edita Nablo Laurel. See you there! right here! . Also follow me in Twitter Follow on Twitter
Requesting an oxygen? A wheelchair? Physically challenged? We link you to the airline's air travel policies and how they handle people who are challenged. Physically challenged? Here is your travel guide to the World

Can't stand being alone? Want to meet other people to travel with -- or "traveling companions?". We have info on that too. Find them here.
Flight Tools & Apps

Travel Advisories. Passports and visas. Documentation. Language. What to bring in and out of your country destination. Apply for Passports

If you want rush processing of passports, info is Rush Passport

Garfield or Fido flying with you? Tiger We all love our pets. We want their air travel to be comfortable like ours. Check out our pages on pet travel. Also, find out how your pet can fly for free, and the airlines' policies on pets. What are the temperature restrictions? We have the resources for you. Here is an example: Traveling with Pets?"

Let's Care for our elderlies

On January 16, my mom turned 85! At 85, she finally retired from her employment. Not by choice, but she had a series of mini strokes and the doctor advised her that it is a good time to retire. I know that she wouldn't if she had a choice. Her dream was to save enough money so that she could build an apartment building for me and my three sisters - at our hometown in the Philippines. I believe that it is very important to her to show our community that here we are, we used to be really down in the economic ladder when my parents lost their business (lost the homes, the pride), and we suffered the effects of being "poor" in our country. Gladly, here in the U.S., there's not much negative stigma. For me, personally, I feel that everybody here is equal. She loved working. Thanks God for the travel benefit that allows me to travel to see my beloved mother. She lives in San Jose, California, 3 - 1/2 hours away flight from Minneapolis, MN. Here is a picture of Mama

Also, we salute our Airline Employees by adding a page specifically for them.

"Dont' go there..." Quoting Peter Greenberg when he tells you what countries or cities you want to avoid. Our version: "Stay Away"!© - by Edita N. Laurel, Web Editor. coming soon here....

Where are the world's busiest airports?"

*Our Top News Today*

Featured Destinations

  • Canoeing into pre-history in Dordogne
  • Uganda Visitors' Travel Guide
  • Cleanest Beaches
  • Update on Flight 3407

  • The World's Most Dangerous Road

  • Top complaints from British Travelers
  • How the snipers rescued the U.S. Captain

    Quote of the Day


    World Maps, "antique" maps, etc. ,
    discount tickets to "do's & dont's" of air travel.
    Hate that middle seat? We will provide info on which airlines charge for nice seats

    U.S.A. Travel Initiatives

    The U.S. government implemented the full requirements of the land and sea phase of the New Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). This requires most U.S. citizens entering the United States at sea or land ports of entry to have a passport, a passport card (for land only), or other travel documents approved by the Department of Homeland Security. For more information , visit the agency's website here

    Travel Deals Want to know where the cheapest travel deals, visit our Travel Mall , where to stay, what to do, where to eat? Inside airline information will guide you. We got your covered: from travel warnings, to what to eat at your destination. Airline Insider's Guide is here for you.

    747-200 Retirement

    World's Busiest Airports

    Check out our travel and hotel deals Disney Deals
    Visit Travelocity for Disney Vacations

    This air travel guide will inform you. Want to know the customs and traditions at your foreign destination? Our air travel guide will tell you. Want to know what the currency at your air travel destination?

    Currency Conversion
    What is the value of U.S. Dollar in Italy? Convert using this currency converter currency conversion will help you.

    Airline employee? We are not forgetting the hardworking, under-paid, over-delivering airline employees. We have, a password-protected page for you, traveling "non-revs" help and resources for those who were affected by the economic downturn. Watch this site. We are building this one block-at-a-time, so please bear with us. This site was built with you in mind; you - my favorite airline travelers: the airline employees! From me, my warmest welcome to you!

    Make everyday a romantic day. Start planning here . How about a get-away for 2 not only last Valentines - but Valentines all year round? How about flowers?

  • Top complaints from British Travelers
  • How the snipers rescued the U.S. Captain

    Quote of the Day

    Non-Revenue Travel

    Non-revs - you know who you are :-) - be sure you have a round-trip paper ticket from Hongkong to Manila if you were born in the Philippines. I told you about my last trip to Asia. From Minneapolis to Narita, Tokyo,the flight (on a 747!) was fine. However, from Tokyo to Hongkong was so bumpy for 4 hours. ....I had the opportunity to take a Cathay Pacific flight from Hongkong to Manila on a 777. Nice smooth flight. Cathay had plenty of food for non-revs on this flight. Every time I flew Philippine Airlines, the flight attendant politely informed me that "non-revs" are not included in the meal. That was just fine with me since it is a very short flight, 1-1/2 hours. So, Cathay Pacific's providing the non-revs food is a very nice gesture. One of the things about flying on a pass is trying the other airlines where we have agreement with. So, far, I have flown Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Alaska Airline, Horizon, America West, and others. It is good to be able to see the comparisons.

    Rude Airline Employees? Rude airline employees can really ruin your trip - but don't let them! . Soon here.
    When dealing with rude airline employees -

  • Try to be calm and collected, and write down (discreetly) the name of the rude airline employee whom you encountered Do not forget the time, date, and everything you can report.
  • Report the incident when you come back from your trip. I know how upsetting it is..I have seen some people who missed their flight, and it was not their fault. Been there..
  • Try to get a hold of the employee's supervisor or manager if you have an emergency.
  • Reason, but not argue. The managers are supposed to fix the problem. But - that does not happen all the time - sometimes supervisors or managers exacerbate the situation!
    Airline employees are there to serve the flying public, and that includes non-revs (other airline employees ) as well. On my more than 10 years working at an airline, I KNOW very well that these things happen - more incidents than I can report from all my other places of employment combined!.
  • If you want to write and/or complain about rude airline employees, contact me here:
    Flights could not land at Dallas Fort Worth International airport due to gusty winds. Gusty winds also near Hesperia, California, and of course, the post-tsunami problems in Japan...Minneapolis is not going to see any warm whether in the near future. This weekend, it will be below zero temperatures.I can only see some beautiful white snoe on my yard now. For latest weather updates, go to .

  • Helping out in time of need

    I helped a family of five go to Europe using my pass. They were not able to return on the day they wanted to. The reasons: the usual travel business in Europe during the summer months; and an aircraft "incident", caused them to be stranded in Amsterdam. Regardless, I am glad that I was able to share my benefits with people I care about, creating some beautiful memories for them and their loved ones. I offered my travel pass to those families who needed to fly to the Philippines after the super typhoon, Haiyan. So far, no one has taken advantage of them.
    Airline Lingo

    Irregular Operations" in Airline Travel

    • "Irregular Operations" in airlines pertain to any disruption in airline flight due to weather, mechanical delays, or other reasons that cause delays in normal and regular flight operations. This month we saw several irregular operations; weather in the East Coast, snowstorm in the Midwest. Airlines, and airline employees are very adaptable, and always ready to deal with this kind of operations.

      Airlines are always ready and prepared for the "irregular operations" that any kind of weather brings.

    • 747-200Tail In the Midwest, Delta Airlines are allowing passengers to change their flights before and/or after the storm without penalty. That is something good to remember. So, if you are traveling and you know that there is going to be a weather problem, call the airlines. The earlier you call, the better. Thousands of other callers will be asking the same thing from the airlines. Usually, the airlines will book you on any of their flights to keep the revenues within the airline. In some occasions, though, when there are no more flights available in that same airline, they would call the other airlines with the same destinations and they would put you on the other airlines' flights, using what they call in the airline lingo, "Rule 240.40". Airlines have agreement with others that they can put passengers on their flights for a set percentage of fare. Most airlines are very good at this. I was disappointed, however, that American Airlines is denying all requests from other airlines (OAL's) even if there were available seats showing on their schedules. When AA representative was called, the other airline was told they do not want to reconfirm "too many sales" due to "irregular operations". Ref: Japan Tsunami irregular weather operations: Contact your airline. I read that all the airline companies are giving waiver to change the date of your flight without penalty.

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    Non-Revenue Travel The Non-Rev Section also needs a password before it can be accessed. Anything and everything you want to know as a non-rev. Travel tips, travel availability, do's and dont's. Special non-rev fares, hotel/condo/apartment rentals. Only for you fellow non-revs. Just email

    Non-Rev Interline Ticketing Here

    Travel Advisories. Passports and visas. Documentation. Language. What to bring in and out of your country destination. Apply for Passports

    What are the conventions next month you want your air travel to take you to? Conventions, meetings, trade shows? Worldwide Calendar of Events

    Weather Info
    Rain, Shine or Sleet? We keep you current of the weather where you are..and where you are going to be. Current temperatures..and predicted temperature. Do you need an umbrella..or a down jacket? We will keep you abreast during your air travel. We will be your air travel guide and weather info. We have it all...or we can link you there. Your weather.

    Suffering from "cabin fever" and you want to fly to a sunny destination this month? Watch our monthly "Features and Deals". Check out our Feature Destinations. The hottest places to go. For you, your partner, for your family.
    Make it Valentine's Day everyday - not just February 14... Not too late to book your trip for your romantic get-away.
    and how about some flowers?
    Rekindle the romance here at honeymoon and romantic destinations

    Non-Rev Interline Ticketing Here

    Airline Employees Remember the two former NWA pilots whose licenses were suspended? Here is the flight track of their plane: Flight track of NW Flt 188">Flight Track of NW Flight 188
    Delta's stock Delta Stock went up three times since I cashed in some of mine. Delta is now offering its employees stock option purchase. I added a new section, "Airline Employees" featuring airline jobs and careers. The last pages I added were Air France 447 Crash Updates and Mail Order Brides. Let your air travel take you to places where you can find happiness. Tried and true, wrongly termed "mail-order brides" for these women were not really bought by mail order. You will find information in my Guide to Meeting the Perfect "Mail Order Bride". A must read if you are considering finding your happiness thousands of miles air travel away. This is an ongoing book project and is being built one section at a time. Is marrying someone from another country for you? Check this section often. Email me at Upon completion, this Section will be available for purchase. After purchase, a password will be emailed to you for access to the Mail Order Bride e-books. A must have guide for those considering flying to another country to marry.
    Non-Rev Travel
    The Non-Rev Section also needs a password before it can be accessed. Anything and everything you want to know as a non-rev. Travel tips, travel availability, do's and dont's. Special non-rev fares, hotel/condo/apartment rentals. Only for you fellow non-revs. Just email

    Too cheap...or simply can't afford expensive hotels? There are alternatives to expensive hotelsCheck them out here

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    Breaking Airport and Travel News
    A compilation of breaking airport and air travel news and other noteworthy global and culture stories.
    Top Reasons for Flying
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    Your Air Travel Questions Answered Here
    Do you have any air travel questions you want answered? Ask them here.
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