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Do you want some free gold, rubies and other gems that you can proudly say you "mined" yourself? I was told that the prospect of finding gold is a lot better than winning the lotteries. It would be a very good thing and profitable thing to do then. (But - I was told - hard work!). Then go fly to the gold mines that are open to the public. These gold mines were real gold mines that were abandoned and now are being used for recreational gold prospecting. Just imagine getting all the precious gems, jewels - most of them are expensive gems -- that you can use for jewelry or sell for money? There is no recreational task as fun and lucrative as prospecting for gold and mining your own gems. Some people - especially those that are retired are doing this as full time job. So read this to see how to find gold and gems.

How to find gold, gems and other treasures/ How to prospect for gold

How to Pan for Gold

This video will show you how to pan for gold

You can find gold, and/or prospect for gold in several places in the United States. Not only you can prospect and/or find gold, but you can also find ruby gems, diamonds, and other precious treasures in a lot of places where you can fly into. Let us start here in the United States.

There are several gold prospecting places in various parts of the United States. There are gold prospecting clubs, and there are private companies that will help you find and guide you in gold prospecting. The people that operate these gold prospecting businesses have the same interest as yours: finding gold for fun, but most importantly, for profit. There are some folks who are very positive that they will find gold and gems that they quit they jobs, pack up their bags with their precious belongings, and head to these gold prospecting places. If you are thinking of doing the same with these economy and high percentage of unemployment, you will be embarking in a very adventurous, very fulfilling hobby. Gold prospecting can be a full time job. Once you learn the ropes of gold prospecting and once you know the right places to find gold, you may even someday be one of proud owners who can say with pride that you found your own gold.

Gold Prospecting Businesses
All of the operators of these gold are those places are very friendly, and very willing to show you how to prospect for gold and find those most-coveted mineral. You have to do a little work but the outcome of gold prospecting and gem and treasure mining is enormous. You may not find a huge nugget but even the littlest gold, gem and treasure that you will find is worth every trip. You may find not only gold but other treasures. For example, in some areas, like Virginia area, war relic collectors find items left by soldiers during World War 1. So head on to these places to find gold, gems and other treasures!

A Brief History of Gold Prospecting

Gold, that precious commodity that we all want and desire, and some need (for teeth, etc.), was discovered in the United States in North Carolina in 1799. After the discovery in North California, gold was discovered in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Virginia. Today, gold prospecting and mining for beautiful and precious gems and other metals is a great recreational destination. Thousands of people flock to the areas known for have gold and other gems. Other gems and treasures include rubies, citrine, gold, and diamonds.

States where you can find gold:

There are a number of states who have reported plentiful in gold. These states provide you with the tools for gold prospecting and gem mining. All you have to do is fly to those cities, get a map, go with friends, buy the rights tools, and enjoy prospecting for gold, gems and other treasures. In all these states, as soon as you reach the destination, ask any local, or anybody at the airports: Where can I find gold? Almost everyone knows where to send you. Fly to the states mentioned below and you can go gold prospecting and gem and treasure mining as well.

Find Gold in California

California was called the "Golden State" for a reason. It is because the "gold rush" occurred there, after the miners abandoned the gold mines in the East Coast. The "Motherlode" county of California has been a favorite and most traveled county to prospect for gold. In 1854, the largest gold nugget was found at the Carson Hill above the Stanislau River. The weight was 195 pounds and during that time, it was valued at $43,534.00. Just imagine at the current time of $1400.00 plus an ounce, it would, at today's price, valued at more than $200,000.00. What a steal! I have to work a lot of years to get that kind of money!

In California, you can go to Auburn State Recreation Area. You will find the American River where you can prospect for gold. You can also try the following counties:

Mariposa County

Placer/El Dorado County

Calaveras County

Sierra County

Trinity County

You can find gold prospecting places in Northern and Southern California. On the way to Las Vegas, you will see some old gold mines that are already closed, but people go there to try their luck. May be even better than going to the Las Vegas casinos!

Anyway, check out these sites for information on gold prospecting in California. Kennedy Gold Mine Tours

Here is an outfit that provides gold mine tours !

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For information on gold prospecting in California. Gold Prospecting in California

How to Get to California Gold Areas by Air

From where you are, fly into San Francisco, Sacramento or San Jose airports if you are prospecting in the Northern California Areas.

To go into the Southern California gold prospecting areas, you can fly into either Los Angeles, Burbank, Santa Ana (Orange County's John Wayne Airport).

Gold Prospecting in Georgia

Here is something you may want to see. Gold prospecting in North Georgia mountain.

Gold Prospecting in Alabama

Prior to the famous gold rush in California, gold was already found in the state of Alabama. When the Alabama gold prospectors found the Motherlode in California, the Alabama gold mines were abandoned. the prospectors found that there were more opportunities and more places to find gold in California. There are so many places were gold was discovered and so prospectors rushed to these places.

In addition to the private citizens who are gold prospectors, several companies started their gold mining operations as well. These mines are still being mined today, and some that were abandoned are still being mined by private gold finders.

Much of the gold in Alabama were found in Hog Mountain and at the Hillabee mine, an area called Piedmont Uplift, which covers several counties counties in Alabama.

These sites will give you a lot of information about prospecting gold in Alabama.

Gold Prospecting in Virginia/ D.C. Areas

The state of Virginia is not only for gold prospecting but also for finding precious war articles. If you are looking for gold using a metal detector in Virgina, you will also find war relics, buttons, metal belts that are very valuable. You can fetch some very precious and expensive war relics that you can sell to collectors or war memorabilia. In addition to the war memorabilia, you may also find some gold nuggets.

To see some samples of huge gold nuggets found in Virginia, you may stop by the Museum of Natural History located at the Smithsonian Museum.

Big Ten Virginia Gold Maps show 200 gold mines and prospecting locations from the State of Virginia. There are 15 counties in Virginia where the gold sites are shown in the map. These counties are: Buckingham, Culpepper, Cumberland, Fairfax, Fauquier, Floyd, Fluvamma, Goochland, Halifax, Louisa, Orange, Patrick, Prince William, Spotsylvania, and Stafford.

Gold Prospecting Clubs

If you want to become a member of the gold prospecting clubs in a state, there are several gold prospecting clubs that you can join. If you do not want to join a club right away, you may explore the gold prospecting areas, fly to the closes airport, and explore, research, and ask questions from the locals at the airports in the town where the gold prospectors go. As soon as you land at a certain airport, be sure to check the stores for maps and information on how to find the gold prospecting places. You can even inquire as to how to join the clubs.

The fees to join the gold prospecting clubs are usually small compared to the enjoyment and the rewards that you will get from being a member. Check out the following resources on how to start your gold finding passion.

Also see the following informational sites: Alabama Gold Maps

Gold Fever Prospecting

Find Gold Using Gold Maps

For gold maps, go to Gold Maps. You can find ruby gems, diamond gems and other precious treasures in a lot of places where you can fly into in the United States. The folks are those places are very friendly, and very willing to show you how to prospect for gold and find those most-coveted gems. You have to do a little work but the outcome of gold prospecting and gem and treasure mining is enormous. You may not find a huge nugget but even the littlest gold, gem and treasure that you will find is worth your trip.

"Gold Map" from the Gold Man of Long Beach

This video about gold mining maps might interest you. I watched this and it seemed legitimate. You may learn something from him.

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