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Air Travel Questions and Answers

There's no such thing as "Stupid" Question

I remember a co-worker related the story of when he lived in Brooklyn. He said that a couple of tourists asked him "Where is the Empire State Building?" when he was a building away from the Empire State. He said that he thought that was a stupid question, and that he felt that the tourists were not tourists at all, but just wanted to ask to harass. THERE is/are no stupid questions. I don't know about you, but for me, every question, especially when you are new in a certain place, is important, and should be given importance. On this page, please feel free to ask whatever you want answered. You may email us at "Contact Us" page, or fill out the form provided below. We will publish our answers to your questions. Don't be shy!

Do you have any air travel questions you want us to answer for you? Feel free to submit your questions here and we will research the answers and post them here for you. If you want your questions answered privately, please send us your inquiry in the form provided below. Thank you.

Commonly Asked Questions (still unanswered). If you want to answer these questions, please feel free to do so by filling out the answer form provided.

 Air Travel Guide

  • What is an airline travel guide?
  • What are the qualifications to be a writer of AirlineTravelersGuide? 
  • What is an airline travel editor? 
  • What is a webmaster?

Aircraft/Airplane Configuration

  • How do we look at airplane configuration? 
  • Give me airline seating configurations for all airlines 
  • What is an | seat on an airplane? 
  • Please explain the various seats in an aircraft 

Pet Travel

  • The airline kennels - what are they like? 
  •  What is the policy on American Airline traveling pets?
  •  Can my guinea pig travel with me?
  •  Explain the Delta Airlines' Policy of "no pets" in summer
  •  What does the inside of the cargo hold look like ?
  •  Why do some airline have summer embargo restriction?


  • What does "missed flights" mean;

Immigration Questions

  • Why do I need a passport?
  • Do I need a passport to go to Puerto Rico?
  • Do I need a passport to go to Canada? I am a U.S. citizen.
  • Do I need a passport to go to Mexico? I have a Green Card from the U.S.
  • What is a "Green Card"? Is it really green?


  • What does $cad stand for in airline lingo?
  • What does RTW stand for?
  • What is an "Open-Jaw"
  • I have a funeral I am going to attend, do I get a discount for my ticket?
  • What is the best time to buy a ticket?
  • How do I use my frequent flier miles to buy a ticket?

Airline Crew

  • What does "non-rev" pilot mean?
  • What is a "dead head"?

The following questions have been answered.

Q & A: Pet Travel

Question: Can my kitten fly inside the airplane?

Yes, cats and kittens are usually smaller (or medium if they are really big -but I have not seen one super big), and as such smaller creatures, they can be taken inside the airplane (also called "carry-on"). They need to be in an approved kennel. The airline prefer (and the pets love it too) - soft kennels - the ones made of cloth, just like the duffel bags. They are very comfortable for the pets because they can move without any restriction. Just make sure that the carry on kennel is stowed underneath the seat in front of you before take off and during landing. Airline charges vary so call the airline before you take any pet with you. Some international destinations do not allow carry on pets. And some countries (United Kingdom, for example) - do not allow inbound pets on commercial flights (regular passengers flights). They immediately kill the pets so make sure that you double check with the airline before bringing a pet in. Some agents - especially those from contract employers - are not aware - or forget about this requirement. So, make sure that the pets travel safely and will reach your destinations.

Carrying a pet inside an airplane is not free ( but some airline employees can do this for free - it is one of their benefits). Check with the airline for the rates for carrying in your cat inside the airplane.

Question: Is it OK to use a tranquilizer for my traveling pet?

No, it is not. Tranquilizers have a bad effect on pets - does not agree with the airplane pressure. There have been lots of cases of pets arriving dead (DOA) due to owners gave them some sedatives. The answer, again, to this question is NO, it is not safe.

When traveling with pets, be sure that they are "airplane-ready". Some airlines require the kittens to be at least 8 weeks on age. The reason for this is the kittens' lungs need to be able to withstand the airplane pressure. Traveling too young might cause the pets' death. On the day of travel, be sure -

(1) That the pet has been given food and water within 4 hours of their flight. If your pet is traveling in the cabin with you, you may bring with you some treats and/or cat or dog food. Also, bring a little container for water (don't bring them too much water - just enough).

(2) Remember, SOFT KENNELS, like Sherpa brand, are preferred. The pet needs to be inside the kennel at all times after you check in. With the soft kennels, you may rub the pet's body while it is inside the kennel. It is difficult to do this is you are using a hard kennel. Be sure to line the kennel with newspaper in case the pet had an "accident".

(3) At check-in, be sure to tell the airline representative that you are traveling with a pet. A notation will be put in your itinerary so that flight attendants are aware of this. Some airlines limit the number of pets that can be carried inside the plane. For Delta, one pet is allowed in the First Class cabin, and two in the economy section. The gate agent may put a tag on the carry-on kennel which you will sign before going to the gate.

(4) At the security area, it is going to be a challenge when you have a lot of carry-ons. I carried a mother cat and a baby cat several times through security, and you have to remove the pets from the kennel, carry them through the x-ray screening with you, while you leave the kennel on the bag belt for x-ray screening. During my last flight, the mother wanted to get away from me (she is a little aggressive!). Fortunately, one of the passengers helped me while I put her back in the kennel. Be sure you are able to lock the kennel so that the pet could not come out. Otherwise, you might ending up missing your flight if you have to chase a pet.

(5) During boarding, be sure that you are close to the boarding area, and if you can, board first. When you get to the airplane, put the kennel in the seat in front of you. During my last flight, the seat assigned to do did not have enough room for the kennel underneath the seat in front of me. Fortunately, no one was sitting next to me (the middle seat was empty) - and I used that space for the kennel. In 757 aircraft, MAKE SURE NOT TO REQUEST AN AISLE IF YOU ARE SEATED IN THE ECONOMY CLASS. There is not enough room for the carry-on kennel. NEVER PUT THE PET ON THE OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT. Some people had accidentally (hopefully not intentionally, done this!). That may cause a pet's death. (Some new airline representatives have also accidentally put some check-in kennels on the baggage belt - IT IS A BIG NO NO! The bag belt goes through miles and miles before it reaches the airplane area. Make sure that you are watching the airline representative do their job properly.)

Question: Can employees travel with pets on Delta Airlines?

Yes, non-revenue passengers are allowed to travel with pets onDelta Airlines. There is no fee is the pet for pets in cabin. For more information, contact Delta Airlines at

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