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What's in a seat? Are airline seats very important to you? Of course, the answer is "yes", especially if you will be on board that aircraft for a long time. Just imaging going to India from the United States with a narrow seat, flanked on both sides by two large passengers? Imagine having not to be able to recline your seat when you wanted to take a nap on that 13 hours flight? Just imagine using your laptop when the person in front of you has his seat reclined all the way and yours do not recline and your leg space is too narrow? Of course, if you are a normal person, with normal height and body built, you do not want to be crammed in that "L" seat. What is an "L" seat? These are the "limited recline" seats that the airlines are supposed to assign last. So, if you were late on booking your flight and that is the only seat available, your travel will be very uncomfortable. So, where are the nice and comfortable seats, you ask? Here in this section, you will find links to those seats...the not to nice seats, and the seats where you really do not want to be. Again, if you have seat preferences, and you do not want to be stuck in a not reclining seat, it is to your advantage to book your flight early and ask the airline or your travel agency to reserve a seat for you. If you do not do that, you might not even have a seat on the flight -- you will be put on what the airlines call "Confirmed List", which, there may not be a seat for you at all. If this happens, and you are looking for money from the airlines, this is a chance for you. You can be "bumped", and it may or may not be for you but there are others who like to do this on a regular basis. We will be featuring a story about that later. So, stay tuned!.

These pages will be your guide to airline seats, airline seating, and aircraft configuration for different airlines. There are some websites that provide you with information as to whether a certain seat in a certain aircraft is good, bad, or indifferent. Well, as an airline insider, what I can say is: it all depends on you. What do you prefer - other than First Class Seating? Various aircraft have different airline seating configuration. The bigger the aircraft, the more equipment they do provide. Choose what aircraft and look at the aircraft seat map. Do you like a wide seat when you are a petite and slim passenger like me? Do you want a seat where your legs hang because you are only 5'0" tall? It all depends on who you are, what your preferences are, what you can afford, and other personal criteria. For example, Air Bus 300 Aircraft - the 300 and the "baby" airbus 319 are great. Their seats are wider than 757's, for examples. Flight attendants love the aisle....there seems to be more aisle space when serving food. Put me on a First Class seat on an Airbus 300 and I will be having leg cramps all throughout the flight. The reason? My legs are too short to reach the floor. And, of course, I "always" forget to bring a stool or something to rest my feet on. Even with the footrest, just does not work for me. May be it does for you. So, you know what I mean? The seat in an aircraft may be rated as "best" for some people, but may not be the best for you. It is all relative. That is my own opinion and experience of course. Usually, the people who are concerned about seating arrangements are those people who are frequent fliers and those who have special needs, i.e., window for view, aisle for ease of going to the lavatory. For domestic flights and for short flights, I personally do not care as long as it is not in the middle of two very large people. However, sometimes, because of my "insider" status, I just have to be content with whatever seat is given to me. For long flights, especially international flights, First or Business Class seats are my preference and I usually get them on long distance flights - whether I like it or not. I just have to "suffer" since those are the only seats available for me, so I (Hey - you guys can sit in First or Business Class too - apply for a job at an airline. The pay is not as good as yours - but - the flight perks are great!).

For you, I linked to one of those "seat experts" websites. Here is the one I am talking about Airline Seats Info . The site will provide you with pictorials of various aircraft, how they are configured, what are the equipment available on board, where the emergency exit seats are located, etc. etc. etc. I will be adding more resources to you as my pounding fingers permit. (Have you experienced building a website when you have zero - 0- nada experience in web building? Well, here I am, doing that exactly). More on this topic in a separate section.

So, here is the seating website, folks, for your information and guidance. As I mentioned, there are also other sites about airline seating and their analysis of the various seats on board. (I wonder - have they actually sat on those seats for them to be called "experts" or "gurus"? I can, if I want to - and I have - so you can call me an expert. You may email me also and ask me how a certain seat "feels" like. My email is at the "About-Us" page. I can go to any of those aircraft, sit on all those seats and compare all of them. But - I will let them explain how they did it if they are not an "insider" like me. Even if you are a very frequent flier, you will not have time to seat at all those seats and compare them. After every flight, the crew are watching the people get off the plane. How are you going to explain what you are doing sitting from seat to another? They will probably be suspicious of you. Oh, I am sure they have their own "favs" and the rest, they are just "guesstimating" based on the pictures and stories that they were told. Anyway, enjoy the seating arrangement site. Remember, this is only a guide for you. By the way, if you are familiar with those seat experts sites, at the very last section of the aircraft, they described those seats as not good. Believe it or not, those last seats -- they do not recline - are my favorite seats in Coach. For what reason? I get to talk to the flight attendants who usually converge at the end of the aircraft. They even give me free food sometimes.("Smile and Wink").

"Til next time, folks, watch this page...more info on seating

Desiree L. Abetria
Airline Guide Contributor

Hi, this is Desiree, another airline "insider"
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Airline Seats and Aircraft Configuration

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