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23 February 2012.
A Pinnacle flight attendant found incoherent was drunk on flight. Pinnacle Flight Attendant Drunk

28April 2011
Delta Employees were Arrested Smuggling Drugs
Delta employees were arrested smuggling drugs in Detroit and Houston International Airports. Ten current and/or former employees were arrested, together with two who not Delta employees.

The investigation started when a suitcase with a Northwest Airline tag was found to have 53 pounds of Marijuana. In March, 45 more pounds of marijuana was seized.

Delta Airlines cooperated fully with the investigation and the two employees were suspended without pay.

Lost Items in DTW Customs after Inspection
Last week, after returning from Manila, Philippines and China, I was sent for "secondary" screening of my luggage. I felt that it was started by the Immigration officer who nodded to the Customs officer to escort me in taking my luggage from the carousel. The officer was rude and intimidating - restricting my movement inside the Customs area (i.e., I was looking at the other carousel and he admonished me - telling me that I should stay with him). I thought his actions were so rude and when he was inspecting the luggages, he told me "to stay away" from the bag belt when I am not even leaning against it. I demanded to see a supervisor. Another Customs agent asked if I would feel better if I sat at the benches away from the inspection area. I said "yes" and I did, waiting for the supervisor. When the supervisor arrived, all the Immigration officer came out of their booths and all looked at my direction. (I thought that was funny!). The supervisor, Officer Steingardt was very polite and respectful as I was explaining what I felt was so rude actions by his officer, Officer Dragonir. I told the supervisor that I knew all about inspections, etc. because I fly a lot. I pointed out to him that all the people being sent to "secondary" screening were all Filipinos. He looked and was trying to tell me that the Filipino and the Filipina on the line waiting were not Filipinos. But, he was respectful and asked the officer if my luggage are ok. I went back to my luggage where I had to close all of them after all the 3 weeks worth of laundry were exposed. I thought that was too much - that the officer did not even put them back.

I rushed to my gate for a flight going to Minneapolis (MSP) where the agent was upset for being "late" (that was understable - I 'd be upset too!). When I got home, I inspected my purse and my luggage and found my Flip Mino Video missing, so are two strands of pearls I bought from China.

I wrote an email to Detroit Airport and the CBP website. I am still waiting for their response when my sister emailed me this news article. Some Filipinos and airline employees are doing bad things and that greatly affects the way that the Customs and Immigration staff treat the other Filipino airline employees.

So - that MUST be the reason for the secondary and thorough screening of my luggage.

01 May 2011

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