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On these pages you will see interesting articles about airplanes and aircraft, including the latest news of interest. On a different page, we featured the retirement of Boeing 747-200 series aircraft of Northwest Airlines. Every time an aircraft "retires", meaning, it will no longer fly any passenger flights, a retirement celebration is held. The Boeing 747 (the hump) is my favorite aircraft. I love the upper deck, where some of the Business Class passengers are seated. There are usually only 8 seats on the upper deck of the 747. The reason why I like sitting there is because of the passengers' proximity to the flight crew (pilots). Usually, the pilots who are resting are seated at the first two seats of the upper deck. Seeing the pilots up there gives me a feeling of security. There are 4 pilots assigned to fly the 747. After a certain number of hours fling (I believe 8, which happens during a long haul (long flight), the pilots would trade position: two will fly; two will rest. On the upper deck, I feel that the service is more "personalized". It is because of not so many passengers seat there. There is an abundance of good (and wine - if you are a wine drinker. Also, the passengers on the other class of service usually do not linger at the upper deck, making the cabin quieter, especially for businessmen on long over-the-water haul.

(Update: Sadly, the 747s aircraft no longer flies from Minneapolis to Narita, Japan Airport, and on to Manila, my home country. A smaller wide body replaced this route).

Anyway, I will be writing about the various aircraft types as I build this website, so please keep visiting.

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ATG Updates!
Minneapolis, MN

January 2017

The Intercontinental

Update!!! Columbia Crash"

Errors by the pilot, airline and Bolivian regulators said, are to blame for a plane crash in Colombia that killed 71 people last month, including most of Brazil's Chapecoense football team, Colombian aviation authorities have said. The aicraft, operated by La Mia, a local charter company, crashed on the hillside of Medellin,Columbia. It was found that the pilot did not refuel on the way, and failed to report the problem due to lack of fuel; Medellin Crash

The "Intercontinental" successfully finished its first test flight in Everett on March 20, 2011. It flew the first 4 hours and 25 minutes of the 600 test flight hours, flying from Everett, Washington, to Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington. After the 600 hours test, it will be transferred to its launch customer, Lufthansa, for commercial flights. Korean Air and Air China have also placed orders.

Incredible Videos from Boeing

Check out the take off -

If you liked the take-off - check out the landing here

End of updates.

There is a new aircraft that will be flying over your sky. And you should see it as soon as end of March 2011. This is the Boeing 747-800, introduced by Boeing in its plant in Everett, Washington in February 2011. The name of this aircraft is "Intercontinental".

The Familiar 747 Design

For those of you who are familiar with Boeing's aircraft 747, you know that it is a 747 when are you looking at it from a distance. The identifier: the familiar "hump" on the the aircraft's upper fuselage. For those of who have flown on the aircraft before, I am sure you have experienced the comfort and service of sitting on its upper deck. I do favor the upper deck because of the quietness - only just a few passengers on the same deck with you. Also, on most occasions, you will see pilots in uniform sitting on the same deck. For over-the-water flights, more pilots are needed and the exchange of crew happens mid-flight. These pilots in uniform will actually be on duty at a designated time.

Here is a video showing the luxuries of the new Boeing 747-800 "Intercontinental":

The 747-800 Technology

Boeing's description of the new 747-800 technology:"Using 787-technology engines, the airplane will be quieter, produce lower emissions, and achieve better fuel economy than any competing jetliner. The 747 Intercontinental will provide nearly equivalent trip costs and 13 percent lower seat-mile costs than the 747-400, plus 26 percent greater cargo volume. Operating economics will offer a significant improvement over the A380. The 747-8 is more than 10 percent lighter per seat than the A380 and will consume 11 percent less fuel per passenger than the 555-seat airplane. That translates into a trip-cost reduction of 21 percent and a seat-mile cost reduction of more than 6 percent, compared to the A380.

More Economical but better Technology

One of the greatest advantages of the Boeing 747-800 is not just the accelerated technology, but the savings in fuel that it provides. Boeing has been in the forefront of cutting fuel in introducing new aircraft. The previous Boeing 747's were designed to cut fuel consumption, only up to 4%. This new aircraft is lighter, and will use 11% less fuel than the other 500 + seater 747's.

Watch for the "Hump"

So, next time - after March 31, 2011, when you hear a roaring engine take off from a international airport near you - look up! You might be looking at the familiar hump on the back - but that might be the "Intercontinental" - the latest wide-body aircraft from Boeing - a 747-800.


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