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July 8, 2013 ATG

Two Chinese teenagers were killed during the crash landing of Asiana Flight 214 in San Francisco. It is believed that one of the victims was run over by a fire rig during the chaos. The coroner is still doing the final autopsy.

Reports from NTSB revealed that the crew tried to abort landing about 7.5 seconds before the crash. However, it is too late, as was disclosed during the inspection of the cockpit flight recorder. However, the "shaker stick" signaled a stall: the wings lost lift and the plane could not be controlled. _________________________________________________________________ Luxury African Safari - Providing exclusive hotel and vacation recommendations since 1979, Andrew Harper provides unique, luxury African Safari reviews and travel packages for its members.

Asiana Airline (OZ) is a Chinese-based airline which was dubbed as Asia's best airline a few years ago. It has a daily flight from Shanghai, stopping in Seoul to pick up more passengers, and started its 10+ hours flight over the Pacific for final destination, San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The flight usually arrives after 11 a. m. everyday, leaves SFO to go back to the Pacific at night. This is its daily routine. According to Asiana, the pilot of the 777-200 has flown in SFO numerous times, but not on 777 (Triple 7). This is his "transition flight" from flying an Airbus 320 (A320), to 777 aircraft. He has a total of 43 flying hours on a 777 aircraft.

During landing, the tail of the aircraft clipped the edge of the runway by San Francisco bay, broke, spun, and landed with smoke fumes as it rested. All passengers and crew were evacuated, except for one teenager believed to have been ejected during the crash landing and when the tail broke. The other teenager was found at the area close to the evacuation slide, and according to preliminary autopsy, showed signs of having been run-over.

The doomed aircraft had 291 passengers and 16 crew members.

I always admired the cabin crew (OZ call them "staff members"). Their uniforms are true uniforms, from the little beret to their purses and handbags. With the evacuation done in a calm and organized manner, crew members should be complimented. Some of them were even allowed to carry their carry-on luggage with them.

The NTSB flew the cockpit flight recorder on an overnight flight to their headquarters for investigation, and the spokeswoman announced the the airspeed was very low - much lower than what is required, and when the pilots tried to correct it and abort the landing, it is too late.

The first responders involved had a press conference a few minutes ago and expressed that they may have hit one of the passengers during the emergency chaos.

ATG compliments the professional and calm attitude of the cabin and flight crew during this emergency.

Stay tuned for more news on Asiana Flight 214 crash.

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Airport incidents are attributed to several factors or a combination of. When planes caused a "flight incident" at the airport emergency medical providers and airline emergency personnel immediately respond to the incidents. They wait for the nature of the incident so they could appropriate assess what can be done. There are also representatives from airline who were assigned to assist the emergency. An example of such was a group called "Assist". "Assist" is a group of employees from Northwest Airlines who were trained and assigned at the airport to help provide information to the passengers' relatives.

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