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May 2010
An 8 year old boy is the lone survivor of airplane crash in Libya.

April 2010

Polish Air Force Plane Crashed with Poland's President and other dignitaries on board. Everyone was killed.

March 2010

Las Vegas Considering a Liquor Store at Baggage Claim

American Airlines Adds American Eagle Service Between Reno and Los Angeles

February 2010

February has brought stories like this because of Mother Winter

January 2010

The cause of the Ethiopian Airline crash into the Mediterranean a few minutes after take off from Beirut, Lebanon (BEY) with 90 people, passengers and crew members aboard is still being investigated. As of this time, no survivors have been found, although there were more than 20 bodies recovered. The site of the crash has been found, which is about 2 miles off the village of Na- Ameh. The plane was en route to Addis Abbaba, when it crashed after taking off in bad weather. So far, terrorist activity has been ruled out. According to Lebanon authorities, the pilot flew in the opposite direction as recommended by the control tower. When asked to correct the direction, he did a "fast and strange turn" before disappearing completely from radar.

The authorities are saying that they do not know if the pilot is to blame, and could only be determined after they examined the black box, which is still not recovered.

All 90 passengers aboard are feared dead.More ......

More on Flight 188: FAA transcripts Show Efforts to Reach the Flight Airlines Fined for Stranding Passengers Airline Stocks Rise Slightly

AirTran Introduces New Flight from Des Moines to Orlando

Emraer Lays Off Additional 600 Employees >

Emergency Declared in the Philippines

FAA Power Outage Snarls Air Traffic


Pets Airline Starts Today

Blackboxes from Iran's crash recovered

A 60-year old pilot, Captain of Continental Flight 61 from Brussels to Newark, died while flying his airplane. The aircraft was safely landed by his 2 co-pilots. Read more.....

Pilot on Continental Flt 61 from Brussels to Newark had no heart problem, according to his wife

Air France Flight 447 Updates:


Air France Paying Families of Crash Victims


Flt 1549: Experts Testify on Questions Raised by Water Landing at Hudson River.

Senator Urges Full Disclosure of Pilot Training History in view of Buffalo Air Crash of Colgan Air


Air France Getting Close to Answers/50th Body has been found /400 Total Pieces of Wreckage Read more...


Human remains of victims of crash of AF 447 arrive in Brazil.


Debris found spread miles away....Read more


An Air France plane carrying 288 people from San Paolo Brazil, en route to Paris is still not found as of 9:34 a.m. Central Time. Officials are speculating that the chances are slim that the aircraft was hit by lightning although they are not ruling out that possibility.

The aircraft, an Airbus 330, left Rio on Sunday at 7pm. local time with 216 passengers and 12 crew members on board. About 4 hours later, an automatic signal was sent indicating electrical problems while going through a strong turbulence, according to Air France. Brazil's last contact with the plane was at 930pm. Eastern time, but did not say where the plane was at that time.According to experts, it is clear that the plane is no longer on the air due to the amount of fuel it could carry. According to analysts, the conclusion would have been that "something catastrophic" happened that caused the disappearance of the plane.

More AF news here


Japan and Singapore have now suspended the Visa Waiver Program for citizens of Mexico. Prior to this, Mexican passport holders do not need a Visa to enter those countries, now they do need a visa.

There is one exemption allowed by Japan. The only one exemption is for Mexican Government Passport Holders. They do not need to obtain a visa if they are holding a government passport. In addition, Transiting Japan without a Visa (TWOV) is still allowed.

For Singapore, however, there are no exemptions. All Mexican passport holders are now required to obtain a visa when entering or transiting Singapore.

The above requirements is due to the H1N1 virus.
Posted 05 May 2009

Effective May 15, every traveler's documents (tickets, itinerary), need to match the identity documents (passport, driver's license, etc.). Be ready to be delayed and/or stopped at the checkpoint if you do not adhere. This is part of TSA's secure flight vetting program. TSA will begin asking passengers to enter their full name as it appears on the government-issued identification they will be traveling with they making airline reservations. To read more about this, go to TSA's Secure Flight Program

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Japan Airlines Engine Ingested a Cargo Load

Family seeks answers to artist's death in Thailand. Careful when you go to Thailand

Biden Swine Flu Comments Prompt Correction

Woman Accused of Taking up to 500 lbs. of Gold from New York Employer

Farmers Fear that Pigs may get Swine Flu from People

Mexico Swine Flu Story

Delta Air Lines Reports March 2009 Quarter Financial Results

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