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The Best Diversity Program

Discover the fun and educational diversity program,


A diversity program does not have to be boring. Try Diverse-EatZ!

Thinking of implementing the best diversity program or event for your organization, you came to the right place. The Celebrating Diversity through "Eats" Program is the answer to the usual, not-so-fun program events for your team/s. This program has been proven and tested to be fun, not boring, informative, and encourages cultural understanding between races and different culture. What other fun diversity events and programs that will surpass this?  Nothing! I have been attending various diversity programs and I have not seen anything that is more fun that this. It is called "Celebrating Diversity through "Eats".

What is "Celebrating Diversity through "EatZ"?

Celebrating Diversity through "Eats" is an informative and fun way to celebrate diversity by introducing the various cuisines of different cultures. Initiated by the founder of "Diverse-EatZ", the program can be implemented all year long, separately on its self, or incorporating with other diversity programs, i.e., Martin Luther King Day; GLBT Days; Black History Month, OctoberFest, etc. All year long can be an endless celebration of eating ("eats"). This is a great and best way to introduce everyone to various cuisines in a specific event being celebrated, or by celebrating the "Diverse-EatZ" on a separate day, all by itself, with no other celebrations combined with it. For example,. you do not have to introduce cuisines from the South for Martin Luther King Day Celebration. You may introduce the Southern Cuisines in a day separate from Martin Luther King. Day. 

Why DiverseEatZ? Why Celebrate Diversity through "Eats"?

Celebrate Diversity through Eats because people in your organization love food. People in your organization love food, although they do not really know the food of other cultures. Many of us know about Chinese food (chow mein, Moo Go Gai Pan; Kung Pau Chicken), but not familiar with the food served in the homes in Portugal. We are so familiar with the common Italian food, pizza, spaghetti, but not familiar with the Italian food they usually serve in restaurants in Marseilles. With DiverzEats, you will have a chance to introduce those gourmet food in your organization. There are many more reasons. Please read on....

Real Diversity and Multi Cultural Cusine

Imagine introducing your teams to:

  1. American Food. Do you think you alll know everything you need to know about American good?
  2. Native American Food
  3. Black American Food 
  4. Southern Food; Alabama, Texas; Kentucky
  5. New Orleans - Cajun, Creole, Jambalaya
  6. Regional American Food
  7. Asian (there are so many different classifsications): Chinese; Thailand' Vietnamese; Philippines; Korean, etc.
  8. Chinese Cuisine has so many regional variations
  9. East European Food: Russian
  10. Middle Eastern Food
  11. Children's Day (children love food too)
  12. Cuban
  13. California Cuisine
  14. Hawaiian Food
  15. South American
  16. and so many more...

For more information, Contact:

Phone: 612 558 1043

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