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Best Hiking Places in the United States

Here you will find the best hiking places, best hiking trails, and best nature trails in the United States. We will start with the State of Arizona as one of the best hiking places in the United States.


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

One of the world's famous landscapes in located in Grand Canyon, Arizona. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned hiker, there are several hiking places you can choose from. The weather is Arizona is perfect for hiking. If you do not want a lot of crowd, go hiking in Arizona during the non-Summer seasons. Less people, more moderate temperature.

There are two well-known trails that the Arizona Rangers recommend: the North and South Kaibab and the Bright Angels Trail. Kaibab is a plateau surrounded by grasslands. During winter time, only the Bright Angels Trail and the South Kaibab can be reached by road. Before you hike, call the Arizona Park Ranges to make sure.

It can be real hot in Arizona deserts so be sure to bring plenty of water. Also, be careful, the view is stunning and breathtaking due to the rugged trails, lots of steep incline, protruding rocks, but it is all worth it. Just be ready and prepared. Be sure you have plenty of warm clothes, though, because when you climb out of the Canyon, it can be cold. Some cold snaps can put some ice on the trails. You can rent crampons - for vertical ice climbing. They are available across from the Visitors' Center.

How to get there:

Fly to the closest airport to Flagstaff, Arizona. From there, it is 90 miles drive to the South Rim. You can also take the free park and ride shuttle from Tusayan. They have four (4) routes operating this Summer. No tickets are required, and bus stops are clearly marked. All buses are equipped with bicycle racks. Pets are not permitted on the bus and service may be suspended on bad weather. So, call first for information.

For bus information, Visit this site

Pick up some information from the Visitors' Center, or contact Grand Canyon National Park for guides and maps. Phone number of Grand Canyon National Park is (520) 638-7888.

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