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Greetings! Welcome to  your website, This is yours - airline flyer and airport user. We give you updated information on the latest news, happenings, tips, deals, destinations, air travel etiquette, government regulations, and knowledge.

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Breaking Air-Travel News

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MH 370 Disappearanc

Fear of Flying Guide for You

Don't let your fear of flying keep you from going to your favorite places reachable only by airplane. This page will provide information on how to conquer the fear of flying.

Tips for a Stress-free Flying

Flying is stressful. It is a fact. But it doesn't have to. Here are some tips for you to avoid or lessen the stress before, during and after air travel.

Pack Right and What is the Right Luggage for You?

Having the right luggage when you travel helps! Read the information here and see what are the best luggage for you (and pets) when you travel.

Best Modern Wonders

The "Bird's Nest" in Beijing; the "Eiffel Tower and other modern construction wonders you may want to visit during your travel. We have some suggestions here for you.

[your flight etiquettes :-)]

Watch your manners when you fly. What's good manners and what's irritating to other passengers? Find out here.

Air Travel Consumers' Page

How do you save money for your air travel? When is the best time to buy a ticket? Can you avoid some air travel-related fees? When is the best time to fly? Find out here. 

Favorite Shopping Destinations

Whenever I go to a new destination, I make it a point to buy something, as a souvenir, an item or two of clothing, or something unique to that area. Here are some favorite shopping destinations by travelers. 

Our Favorite Aircraft ~ and Why 

Find out what is our favorite aircraft - and why. Which one do you prefer? Find out the different kinds of airplanes here.

Featured Airports

There are thousands of airports in the whole wide world. We feature some here, and we do have the list of thousands for you.

Our Favorite Food Destinations

Traveling includes experiencing the various food from different countries, or localities, some of which are classified as "weird". Find out where to find some "unique" food you may want to try.

Airline & Airports Careers

What are the various airlines and airport jobs. Where are the job openings? This page is for those interested in working for an airline - or airport.

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Human Resource Trends & Technology

We are IT with HR emphasis. If you are transitioning to HR technology, we have the information that you need here. 

Shop Our Deals:  Hotels/Car/Cruise

Visit our travel mall where you can shop for discounted hotels, cars, cruise, and other travel related deals.

Featured Nature's Wonders

From the Great Wall of China, which is actually a man-made wonder (we considered it "nature" because it was built from nature), to other natural beauty and wonder, we have compiled all these for you.

Events & Festivals:  Where to go this Month?

Festivals & events abound worldwide. Check this list before you travel so you don't miss it when you get there.

Immigration/Visa & Passports

You are traveling to a different country next month. Do you need a visa? How about a passport? Find out here. Where do you apply for a rush passport?

Airline Lingo/Terminology

We define some airline terms, lingo and language for you. If you have airline language that you want clarification, you may post the words here.

Fly with your Pets

As a pet lovers, we want to make sure that our pets are comfortable when they fly. Here are some 'flying with pets' do's and dont's.

Eifel Tower by

Top Places to Visit

  • Top Beaches
  • Top Tropical Places
  • Top Art Places
  • Top Historical Places
  • Top Cheapest Places
  • many more top places....

Famous Shopping Destinations

Featured   Destinations

We do feature various favorite destinations,and on top on your list. Minneapolis, St. Paul |Beijing, China |Paris, France |Leyte, Philippines |New York City, U.S.A.|Paris,  France |Hongkong, PRC

  • more destinations.->

Featured Airports

Here, we feature your favorite airport. Minneapolis Airport (MSP) is the hub of the former Northwest Airlines. Now, still a hub, but for Delta Airlines more ->

Airline Employees' Resource

  • Non-Revs Deals
  • Jobs for Airline Employees
  • Transitioning from airline employment? You might be doing it wrong. Read...
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Featured Events:

Featured Partners

Travel Regulations

Technology & Air Travel

What's new in air travel technology? Find out here.