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Updated January 2017

Posted July 7,  2014 2159 am CST

Two Aircraft Almost Collided at IAH Airport

A Singapore Airlines 777 and Delta Airlines A320 almost collided when they came so close to each other at IAH. Read More...

Posted May 17, 2014 259 am CST

Laotian Airplane with Officials crashes

An airplane carrying government officials crashed Saturday near Vietnam. Minister of Public Security confirmed dead. Read more...

Delta Airlines Still the best in stocks

A Barron article writer wrote that Morgan Stanley's John Godyn had high praises for Delta for having gained 37% this year. His thoughts on what the reasons behind DAL's success. Read more...

Delta Airlines Flight Delayed due to Snake on Runway

A Delta Airlines flight from San Francisco (SFO) to New York's JFK airport was delayed due to a 6-inch snake on the runway. Read more..

Updates on
MH 370 Disappearanc

Updates on MH 370: April 29, 2014, Tuesday,   53rd Day.
Posted 1205pm CST

  • Relatives of passengers of missing MH370 have heard the actual communication between the flight crew and the control tower. 

Updates on MH 370: April 28, 2014, Monday,   52ndDay.
Posted 305pm CST

  • Aerial search of MH370 has been called off. Under the water search will be expanded.

Updates on MH 370: April 26, 2014, Saturday,   50th Day.
Posted 205pm CST

  • President Barack Obama is now in Malaysia, the first head of state to go to Malaysia to show support for the search of MH370.
  • 50th day and no sign of the MH370 and its 239 passengers.
  • Bluefin is almost finished combing the ocean floor, yet still no detection of MH370.

Updates on MH 370: April 25, 2014, Thursday,   49th Day.
Posted 305am CST

  • Australia announced that the long metal found at the coast of Augusta may not be of use, and that it may not be part of MH370.
  • Only 10 percent of the ocean floor of the search area has not been scanned by the submersible equipment.

Updates on MH 370: April 23, 2014, Wednesday,   48th Day.
Posted 402pm CST

  • Object made of long metal found at the coast of Australia, in Augusta, a city south of Perth. Investigators are investigating if this metal is from the aircraft, MH370.

Updates on MH 370: April 21, 2014, Tuesday,   47th Day.
Posted 402am CST

  • 80% of the target area has been scanned, but nothing has been found. Question: Did MH370 land somewhere?

Updates on MH 370: April 16, 2014, Tuesday,   40th Day.
Posted 402am CST

  • Blue-Fin, the underwater submersible searching for MH370 has resurfaced again after less than 24 hours, some technical issues fixed, and now again underwater. The data that was downloaded did not reveal any significant clues.
2nd Resurfacing of Bluefin

Updates on MH 370: April 15, 2014, Monday,   39th Day.
Posted 102am CST

  • A U.S. official informed CNN that the co-pilot of MH370's cell phone was on and trying to make contact with a cell tower 30 minutes after it went off-course. This made it clear to the officials that the aircraft went lower, about 4,000 - 5,000 ft. above sea level.  That is why it was detected by a cell tower over Penang, Malaysia.
  • The submersible robot terminated its search on the first 6 hours after it started. The reason: it could not go any deeper in the ocean. Also, the authorities checked the pictures taken by the robot and found nothing of significance.

Updates on MH 370: April 14, 2014, Sunday,   38th Day.
Posted 102am CST

  • New stage in the search for MH370. Sub detectors are now going to search the ocean floor.
  • Pings from black boxes ceased.

Updates on MH 370: April 12, 2014, Friday,   36th Day.
Posted 102am CST

  • Australian authorities have not found any wreckage of MH370. However, the leader of the search states during a press conference that they are sure that they searching at the right spot, and pretty sure that the pings were from the aircraft. MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board.
  • The ping that was detected yesterday was determined not to be from MH370. However, the other pings separate from yesterday's discovery are believed to be of MH370's black box.

Updates on MH 370: April 7  2014, Monday,   31st Day.
Posted 102am CST

The Australian authorities in charge of the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared 31 days ago with 239 people on board, reported that the U.S. Navy's locator has received two "acoustical" events from the search area. Experts said that the events were consistent with the signals that may emanate from the blackboxes of the aircraft. The first event was for 2 hours and 20 minutes; the second one was for 13 minutes. Australia officials stated that although that 'this may be the most promising' lead so far, caution should be observed and responsibility be observed in reporting. He emphasized that until the wreckage is found, there is no confirmation that the sounds indeed came from the missing flight.

Updates on MH 370: April 5,  2014, Saturday,   28th Day.
Posted 1030am CST

  • Chinese ships at search area reported receiving pulse signals of same frequency as the "black boxes
  • Twelve hours after Chinese initial reports, first official communication from Australian authorities sent, acknowledging receipt of report about China's reports of pulses and photographed objects, and is "considering deployment of assets", but needs "more information from China".

Updates on MH 370: April 4,  2014, Friday,   27th Day.

  • Search area now includes underwater.
  • Pinger detection equipment now under the water
  • Malaysia requested Australia to lead the search
  • All other previous 'leads' are not from MH370

Updates on MH 370: April 2,  2014, Wednesday,   25thDay.

  • No updates on MH370, except that time is running out for pinger's battery life. 

Updates on MH 370: April 1, 2014, Tuesday,  24thDay.

  • Search area has again moved.
  • Transcript of communication released by Malaysia Airlines
  • Time is running out for the battery of the black box.

Updates on MH 370: March 31, 2014, Monday,  23rd Day.

"We are not putting a time limit on it".."we owe it to the families....", "everyone who flies".....and "to everyone" - PM Tony Abbott

Posted 1030am CST March 31, 2014

  • Official last words spoken from MH370:"Goodnight Malaysia Three Seven Zero". Not sure whose voice it was, Captain's or First Officer's (or someone else's?). First reported last words: "All right, good night!".
  • Australia's PM: "We are just ramping up....not winding down".
  • Disappointment: The four orange objects thought yesterday as the "best lead so far" are merely fishing equipment.
  • Australian ship with U.S. Drone will be dropped into the water to detect any pings from Malaysia Airlines aircraft if it is underwater in the Indian Ocean. Ocean Shield is the ship that's bringing the drone into the search area.
  • Australia's Prime Minister is "not putting a time limit" on the search. He said that they owe it to the families, the people who fly, and to everyone.

Updates on MH 370: March 30, 2014, Sunday,  22nd Day.

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Posted 12noon CST March 30, 2014

  • Discussion Re: First lawsuit filed in Chicago. MAS responsible to $175,000 contractual obligation. But, Boeing can be sued later, depending on the results/ cause, if found later. Legal Expert
  • Black Box battery countdown: 8 days left.
  • Malaysia Prime Minister apologized for giving conflicting information with no direct evidence. Vows to do everything to find MH#370.
  • 4 orange objects, about 6 feet long, might be "most promising lead" so far.~RAAF. Previous objects included dead jellyfish. 8 ships waiting to retrieve
  • Australia's "Ocean Shield", a submersible drone with pinger locator being towed now to the search area.

  • More than a dozen relatives of Chinese passengers arrived in Kuala Lumpur today seeking answers to the whereabouts of their relatives and the flight.

Updates on MH 370: March 29, 2014, Saturday,  21st Day.

  • Posted 815pm. Day 22 in Australia. From 8, then 9, and now, 10 aircraft will be searching for more debris at the search area, while 4 ships are ready to follow them and retrieve the debris.
  • Debris scooped, but not sure if they are linked to the missing flight.
  • Posted 315pm. Eight ships are now going to track the debris spotted so that they can retrieve them.
  • Posted 756am. Two ships have recovered objects from the search area of MH370. We are awaiting word about the objects.
  • Seven Aircraft, 5 ships are scouring the wavy waters of the search area.
  • Chinese aircraft caught images of three objects in the search area. There's no confirmation that these three objects were from the missing MH370
  • The three objects were white, orange and red;
  • Malaysia's Acting Transportation Minister gave families of MH370 passengers' hope, saying that "miracles do happen".
  • Australian authority described the search as challenging, and it is finding small objects in a vast body of water.

Updates on MH 370: March 28, 2014, Friday,  20th Day.

  • Malaysia's Transportation Minister announced that the search area has been shifted to a zone 680 miles northeast of the original search area. This is because of new mathematical calculations made pointing to the fact that the aircraft flew faster than originally estimated.

Updates on MH 370: March 27,  2014, Thursday,  19th Day.

  • U.S. sends a more powerful search aircraft to replace one. The new one will be more powerful and efficient.
  • The search has been halted again because of bad weather.
  • A USA Today informer reported that unknown "reliable" source has told her that the Captain of MH370 is experiencing family problems, and when the wife was interviewed, she was "not very forthcoming" about it.

Updates on MH 370: March 26, 2014, Wednesday, 18th Day.

  • Search and investigation resumed. The investigation at the search area to be headed by the Australian team.
  • Satellite images from France showed several debris (122) floating on the identified search area. 11 aircraft searched that area but search was halted again in the afternoon due to horrible weather.

Updates on MH 370: March 25, 2014,Tuesday, 17th Day.

  • Search halted due to strong winds, low clouds, and torrential rain in the Indian Ocean search area.
  • Another Press conference was held by Malaysian Airlines.
  • The Malaysian Government and Malaysian Airlines offered trip and accommodations to the families of Chinese and Malaysian passengers who disappeared with MH370.

Updates on MH 370: March 24, 2014, Monday,  16th Day. 

=> Press conference in Australia. The Defense Minister announced that due to bad weather, the search will be halted until Wednesday.
=> Press conference in Kuala Lumpur by Chairman of Malaysia Airlines: "We don't know how it happened; we don't know why it happened, but we pray for the soul of the 239 passengers of the flight".

=>Families of Chinese passengers were angry and frustrated at Malaysian government that they marched on foot to the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing/
=> Information from IMARSAT engineers were calculated using trigonometric calculation and engineers concluded that the aircraft was in the search area at the South India Ocean. (probably the reason why MAS made the announcement that all lives were lost).
=> Relatives will be given $5,000.00 and a caregiver. (By law, and Montreal Convention, $175,000.00 will be paid to the family of passengers in an airplane crash). The $5,000.00 is for their living expenses.

Updates on MH 370: March 21, 2014


Updates on MH 370: March 20, 2014


Updates on MH370, March 20, 2014, Day 13

March 20, 2014, Thursday | Day 13 of Disappearance

=> Daytime in Australia. Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that the Maritime Safety Authority has received satellite images that are possibly debris from MH 370. They were caught by satellite images at the South China Seas.  Later, CNN announced that the images were captured last Sunday. Announcement was made Sunday. The images were downloaded in a computer system, looked at the contrasts and after four days, finally confident to announce that they may "possibly" be from MH370.

=> Relatives of MH370 caused some disturbance at the hotels where they were staying. Security measures were taken.

=> The girlfriend of Paul Wood stated that she "could stand dead bodies, but could not stand waiting, not knowing".

Updates on MH 370: March 19, 2014, Monday 12th Day.

March 19, 2014, Wednesday | Day 12 of Disappearance

=> News conference from Kuala Lumpur announced the following: that some data are deleted from the Captain's flight simulator. FBI and Malaysian authorities are doing computer forensics right now.

=> At least 400 relatives of passengers of MH370 staying at the Lido Hotel in Beijing ae frustrated and disappointed at both Malaysian and Chinese governments for not being transparent about the fate of MH370 and the fate of their relatives. Today they have formed support groups to give each other support. They are also now talking about lawsuits. Some U.S. aviation lawyers arrived in Beijing to talk to the relatives.

=> Two fisherman islanders confirmed that they saw the aircraft made a turn over the area where they were fishing. It is exactly the "turn around" area as reported by the radar.

=> Barry Schiff, Aviation Consultant strongly believes that the pilots of MH370 did not have anything to do with the disappearance of the jet. He believes that both the pilots were busy "working their asses off" as soon as they received indication of some mechanical failure on board when they were perhaps incapacitated, and made a decision to turn the aircraft to look for a possible place for its landing.

March 18, 2014 Tuesday | Day 11 of Disappearance

=> Malaysia Authorities did not confirm that the aircraft flew down 5,000 feet;

=> China announced that after checking background checks of all Chinese passengers, they did not find anyone who might be involved;

=> Retired Malaysian pilot who knew the captain, and who flew the aircraft that disappeared,  does not think that he is involved in the disappearance of the jet.

=> No information where MH370 is located on the 11th day of its disappearance.

=> Day 11 of Disappearance: Someone in the cockpit programmed the computer a new direction for the aircraft's direction. It needed 8 strokes to do this. A pilot familiar with the aircraft was the one who did this.  The jet was not manually maneuvered to the new course.

=> The ACARS was not sent at 137am, the scheduled ACARS communication. The last ACARS communication was at 107am. The last verbal communication was at 119a.m.

=> US is scaling back its search near the Indian Ocean. It will focus its searched near Australia.

=> Search area is now 2.4 million nautical square miles.

Web's Top Air Travel News Today

March 18, 2014 Posted 552 am CST

o Delta Adds Service from LAX -Market Watch

o No One is Untouched by Missing Mystery -CNN

o Texas Family Still Has Hope MH370 Passenger is Alive. New York Daily News

o Australia Officials Focus Search for MH370. ABC News

The search area for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has now been expanded to include a vast area of the Indian Ocean.  This ocean is much deeper and wider than the other previous search areas.

Search Area Expanded to the Indian Ocean 3/13/14 821 am CST

Engine did not Indicate 4 hours Flight
Posted March 13, 821am CST

Rolls Royce and Boeing manufacturers have reported that they did not receive any information from the engine that the aircraft flew for more than 4 hours after it was found missing. Both manufacturers indicated that nothing at all indicated that MH370 has sent signals at all. (CNN TV) (CNBC). (Read...) and Here too...

Chinese Images of Aircraft? Not MH370!
Posted March 13, 821am CST

After the three floating images of what were believed to be of an aircraft were shown yesterday, China now says that the images have been released by mistake. Searches deployed to the area failed to discover any signs of a downed aircraft. (Read...)

MH370 Call Sign Retired

Posted March 13, 821am CST

In reverence and respect to Malaysian Airline Flight 370 that as of this date, is still missing. the airline decided to "retire" said flight number and "call sign" (MH370). It is a good move that shows that the airline respects this mysterious flight and the people in it. (Read...)

An Oil Rig Worker Reports Seeing an Airplane Plunge into the Ocean.
Posted March 12, 121pm CST

Rolls Royce has Info about the Engine but not being Released yet.
March 12, 121pm CST

Home of Captain of MH370 being Investigated.
March 12, 121pm, CST

An oil rig worker sent an email stating that while he was on an oil rig, he saw a burning airplane plunge into the ocean in one piece.

CNN Television reports that Rolls Royce, the engine manufacturer for Boeing 777-200ER has received information from MH370 engine but that information is not being released yet until the information has been analyzed. (CNN TV)

As a matter of investigatory routine, the home of  the Captain of MH 370 is being investigated, CNN TV Reports. Investigation includes: going through his computers; looking at his medication bottles; looking at his emails and other letters, to determine what's his involvement in the disappearance of the jet, if any. (CNN TV)

Two Suspects were Human Smugglers, not Terrorists?
Tuesday, March 11, 1230pm

CNN reports that the mother of one of those who used a stolen passport to board MH370 confirmed that his son, an 18 year old Iranian, has tried to illegally enter Germany to join her. The other "suspect", 29 years old,  also used a stolen passport to try to enter Denmark. (CNN Television).

MH370 May Have Turned Around
Tuesday, March 11 337am CST

Radar indicated that MH 30 may have tried to turn around before it lost contact. This report indicates that the pilots were not in control of the aircraft and the disappearance may involve an act of terrorism. (Update 3/11/2014). An unknown Chinese group have claimed responsibility for this incident, although it is not confirmed whether it is a true or a false claim.  (Hollywood Life)

Malaysia Airlines Careful not to Mention the Word "Crash"
Category: Airline Incidents. 700pm CST

Malaysia Airlines is very careful not to mention the word "crash" in addressing the disappearance of Malaysian Airline Flight 370, two hours after it left Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital. The destination is Beijing, China.  Authorities have discovered that two of the passengers on the flight are using stolen passports: one from an Italian, and another one from Austrian. Families of both men informed Malaysian Airlines that the two were not on board that flight. ( CNN TV).

20 of the Malaysians on the flight that disappeared over Asia are employees of a U.S.-based company
Category: Airline Incidents. 700pm CST

A  U.S. -based company located in Austin confirmed that the company has 20 employees on board the missing Malaysian Airline flight that disappeared about two hours on its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China. ( CNN TV)..

08 March 2014 Posted 2:00pm CST

What Happened to Malaysia Airlines? Clues may hold answers
Category: Aircraft Incidents. Posted 225pm. CST

There are no definite answers on the fate of Malaysia Airline flight, a Boeing 777 that disappeared from traffic controllers' radar. The flight, carrying 227 passengers, mostly Chinese, and 12 crew members went missing after  it left Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing, China. Oil slicks photographed by Vietnamese Air Force search aircraft spotted oil spills on the waters of South China Sea may hold answers. (Reuters).

More than 27 dead at a Train Station in China.
Category: World News
Just posted: 01 March 2014 12:28 pm

Several knife-wielding attackers killed and wounded several train commuters Saturday evening at a train station in Kumming, China. (Reuters). (AP).

Bird Strike American Airlines Plane.
Category: Aircraft Incident

An American Airline flight returned to Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport and made an emergency landing after a bird hit it on take-off. No one was injured; aircraft sustained minor damage. (AP). Full story...

Two Jumbo Aircraft Collided at Los Angeles (LAX) Airport
Category: Airplanes
Posted: 335am. 01March

Boeing Airplane

A Qantas Airbus A-380 and a Qantas Boeing 747-400, both superjumbo jets, collided at Los Angeles airport while being towed, and caused both aircrafts' wing tips to be damaged. No passengers were on both airplanes,  but the two flights scheduled for those aircraft were cancelled. (NBC).

Masked Men took over Crimea Region Airports
Category: Airports

Russian troops were reported to have been deployed to the Crimea region, a violation of agreement between Russia and Ukraine. (NY Times)

New Airline Policies Make you Sad that you are Poor.

27 February 2014 Posted at 230a.m.

Flight 3407 Crash Site to become a Town Memorial
Category: Airplane Crash

The Clarence Town Board approved taking over the property where Colgan Flight 3407 crashed five years into two homes and killed 50 people. 

Ukrainian President is outside Russia, asks Protection from Extremists
Category: World Politics

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was reported staying in a Kremlin sanatorium just outside Moscow, and is asking Russian for protection from "extremists" who ousted him from power.

Workplace Bullying Still an On-going Issue
Category: Employment

In spite of the awareness training and other policies set in place by employers about bullying and other harassment, the issue is continuing. British Columbia now treats bullying as an occupational hazard.

Changes in Delta Airline's Loyalty Program will Benefit High Price Ticket Buyers
Category: Airline Perks

Starting next year, Delta Airline will aware more miles to buyers of higher priced tickets, and less miles for leisure passengers. It copied a similar program by Jet Blue and Southwest Airlines. Read the whole story here. (AP)

Qantas Chief is Finally Officially Announcing  Job Cuts, etc..
Category: Airlines

Qantas CEO Allan Joyce is finally officially announcing job cuts for his airlines, and other cost-cutting measures to save the financially-strapped airline.

Passengers from London Arrived at Wrong Terminal & By-Passed Immigration.
Category: Airport Security

Passengers from Delta Flight from London arrived at the wrong terminal at New York's JFK Airport. They were led to the area where they did not have to go through the Immigration and Customs Processing. Fortunately, the airport and airline employees realized the mistake and they were immediately taken to the right processing area.

Passenger Exited and Entered Wrong Door Caused an Hour and a Half Delay at Calgary Int'l. Airport (YYC).
Category: Airport Security

A wayward passenger caused a delay at Calgary International Airport. The passenger, a connecting passenger,  followed the arriving passengers to the public waiting area, realized the mistake, turned around, and entered the same "Exit" only door when the airport security personnel were alerted by YYC's security processes. Read the whole story in this article.

Airplanes can see Turbulence before they Hit it.
Category: Flight

Turbulence caused by weather usually can be seen by pilots miles before they hit it. However, the other kind of turbulence - clear air turbulence (or CAT)  - is something that the pilots could not see. Pretty soon - not anymore. A new technology might make it possible to detect this kind of turbulence miles before the aircraft hit it. This is great news for everyone - including those who have a fear of flying. Read this story from Popular Mechanics. 

26 February 2014 Posted at 2:00 a.m.

Asiana Airlines (OZ) fined $500,000.00 for not responding during emergency.
Category: Airlines

The Department of Transportation (DOT) on Tuesday fined Asiana Airlines for not immediately helping the families of passengers after the July crash in San Francisco. Some of the family members were not contacted until five (5) days later.

Delta Airlines is Revamping its Frequent Flier Program
Category: Airlines

Delta Airlines is revamping its frequent flier program so that passengers will earn miles based on the amount of ticket purchase.

Passenger Charged with Punching Flight Attendant
Category: Passengers

A Philippine Airlines passenger from Manila (MNL) to Los Angeles (LAX) allegedly punched a flight attendant when he was refused more alcohol on board the flight. As a result, he was charged with federal offense. (AP)

Qantas Refuses to Comment on Job Cuts, Sale of Hub
Category: Airline

Qantas Airlines, on recent days, have been reported to slash more than 5,000 jobs and sell its Melbourne Airport Station. The airline, however, when questioned, would not confirm those reports. Part of the Qantas statement states that "fresh speculation about what things we will or won't announce on Thursday as part of our half-year results".

Delta Airlines Apologizes to Nursing Mother about Breastfeeding
Category: Women's Issues

Delta Airlines apologizes about the misinformation given by a @DeltaAssist representative that she could not breastfeed on the flight without covering herself.

On 'the go'Airport Screening
Technology Sought
Category: Airport Technology

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security urged the tech government contractors to come up with an airport screening machine where passengers do not have to stop and be screened, but that passengers can go on walking. (CNN).

First Airport: What do you know about it?
Category: Airport History

Do you know where the first airport is located? I didn't. After reading this story, you soon will know where. (KETK)

How to Pick-up a Partner at the Airport
Category: Lifestyle

Single and a frequent flyer? Airport employee? Whatever your single status happens to be, the airport is a perfect place to pick-up your future partner. Here's the advice.

New York Fog Caused 7K Flights Delay

Flights into the New York City area were delayed from originating cities as long as two hours or more due to fog.

U.S. Airways Flight Declared Emergency Landing.
Category: Flights

A U.S. Airways flight coming from Jamaica declared an emergency before landing at Boston's Logan International Airport.

  • Full story...

Man Arrested after Bringing Gun into COS Airport
Category: Airport Security

A man was arrested in Colorado Springs after a security screener spotted a loaded gun in his pocket. The man claims that the gun was his but forgot to remove them from his pockets for inspection.

Air India has 48 Job Openings. Apply before March 1st.
Category: Airline Jobs

Air India has 48 job openings and applicants are encouraged to apply before the deadline: March 1, 2014. Positions include: Utility workers, and others. (India Today)

Flight Attendant who Subdued Shoebomber Speaks
Category: Terrorism

Remember the shoe bomber Richard Reid who planned to explode an airline with a bomb in his shoes? Well, thanks to Christina Jones, the courageous flight attendant working the flight, Reid was strapped with cables in his seat, and thwarted the 30,000 above the earth airplane explosion.(CNN).

  • Full story...

Report: 27% of Flight Attendants Sexually Harassed 
Category: Airline Employment

As many as 27% of working flight attendants have been pinched, patted and kissed. That is according to a joint report made by HK Equal Opportunities and Hongkong Flight Attendants Alliance. (CNN)=>

Posted 22 February 2014 5:12am

India's Hyderabad Airport
on High Alert
Category: Airports

After receiving an anonymous letter yesterday, Hyderabad Airport was on high alert for bomb explosion on an inbound flight. (UPI)

Mothers: Can you Breastfeed on Delta Airlines flights?
Category: Consumers

When a customer sent a message at Delta Airline's Twitter account, @Delta Assist to check the airlines' policy on breastfeeding, she was told.....

Skopje Named Europe's
Best Small Airport
Category: Airports

Skopje's Alexander the Great Airport has been named Europe's Best Airport for the second time in a row.

Renzi Sworn in as Prime Minister of Italy
Category: Global Culture

Matteo Renzi, Italian center-left leader Matteo Renzi was sworn in as prime minister on Saturday, taking his oath of office from President Giorgio Napolitano. (Reuters)

Ukraine Palace now Empty of Yanukovych
Category: Global Politics

The opposition fighters took control of Ukrainian palace while President Yanukovych fled.  (NY Times)

Delta Airlines Initiated the First Fare Hike for 2014
Category: Airlines

Delta Airlines is the first airline that successfully increased its fares in 2014. Other airlines are expected to follow. (LA Times)

Posted 20 February 2014

Eleven Dead in Yemen Plane Crash in Tunisia

An airplane carrying passengers seeking medical treatment in Tunisia crashed in a field this morning, killing all passengers on board. (AP)

Oporto Airport - Chosen Third best in Europe - ACI

Arabic-Writing Man Sparked Suspicion on an Easy-Jet Flight

Air Travelers Warning: Watch out for Shoebombers

Oporto Airport has been chosen as the 3rd best in Europe buy Airport Council International (ACI).

This world has become a world full of paranoid passengers after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A man who was writing in Arabic was reported as "suspicious" to the flight crew. Result: the report caused a delay of the EasyJet flight.

Yesterday, the U.S. government has warned the air flying public the possibility of shoebombs like the one that Richard Reid used,  might be used again into flights coming into the U.S. (CNN)

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