Cherry Blossoms Festival 2011

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This is a video of the 2010 Cherry Blossoms Festival in Washington D.C.

Cherry blossoms festivals are annual events celebrated all over the United States. However, the one in Washington D.C. is the official "National Cherry Blossoms Festival".

Cherry blossoms festivals are held to herald the coming of Spring, and the flowering of the cherry trees. This year, cherry flower experts predicted that the peak blooming season will be from March 29 to April 9, 2011. Therefore, the celebration will be held during this period.

Cherries and Friendship with Japan

The cherry blossoms festival in Washington D.C. has a very unique story. In view of the present disaster in Japan, it seems very timely to honor the many-years' friendship of the two countries. The cherry blossoms festival started when Japan gave Washington D.C. thousands of cherry trees. Most of the cherry trees that lined the streets in Washington were part of the 3,000 cherry trees that were given to the city in 1912. The first two trees were planted by Viscountess Chinda, wife of the Ambassador from Japan, and the then First Lady of the U.S. Helen Herron Tafton March 27, 1912. Every year from then, the annual celebration of the Cherry Blossom Festivals honors the two countries' friendship, in addition to the coming of Spring.

As a token of appreciation, the United States government sent flowering dogwood trees to Japan in 1915.

In 1965, 3800 more trees were sent by Japan to the United States. In 1981, after Japan was struck by flooding which killed several cherry trees, the U.S. government, in continuing the cycle of friendship between the two countries, sent several cuttings of the cherry trees from Washington to Japan for planting.

This Year's Celebration

Every year thereafter, Spring is heralded by the Cherry Blossoms Trees festivals, not only in Washington D.C., but also in several cities and towns in the United States. Other countries also have their own celebration of the flowering of the cherry trees.

2011 Festivities

This year's festival in Washington D.C. will be held on March 26 through April 10, 2011. There will be several activities for the whole family, parades, including a guided walking tour in and around the Smithsonian Museum.

Special Auction for Japan

Also this year, a special auction is being held for the people of Japan affected by the earthquake and other calamities.

More Information

For more information on the National Cherry Blossoms Festival in Washington, D.C. visit their website at National Cherry Festival - D.C.

Cherry Fruit Festival

You might be also be interested in the National Cherry Festival in Traverse Michigan. This festival honors the fruit of the cherry trees. This is one of the biggest cherry festivals in the United States.

  • Traverse Michigan Cherry Festival is about the cherry fruits. This year, it will be celebrated on July 2-9, 2011

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