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Colorado High School Shooting

December 21, 2013

Today, the shooting victim, senior student at Arapahoe High School, Claire Davis, died. She suffered shots in her brain and has been in a coma ever since the shooting at her high school about a week ago. 

December 14, 2013

Colorado High school Shooter took only 1 minute and 20 seconds to finalize his assault at Arapahoe High School, ending in his death and injury to two other students.

At a press conference held by Sheriff Grayson Robinson just a few minutes ago, the following updated information were revealed: 

Sheriff Grayson Robinson reported that the student was looking for a teacher who, they believed was the subject of the shooter's retaliation. During this search that he encountered two other students, a 17 year old female Claire Davis, a senior at the high school, and another student. Davis suffered severe brain trauma and is in a critical condition at a local hospital. The other student was examined and was released yesterday. Grayson stated that the shooter had a recent verbal argument with a staff, a librarian. It was not clear whether the teacher whom he was looking for,  was also the librarian.

The Shooter

The shooter is an 18-year old male student of Arapahoe High School. He entered the north side (not west side as reported yesterday), of the school after parking his car along the curb. On entering, he did not try to conceal a shotgun and a round of ammunition, which was strapped across his body. He attracted the attention of a lot of students who then informed the school resource officer (SRO) on duty. The SRO immediately radioed the school authorities and went looking for the shooter, traversing a long hallway, where the shooter had shot two (2) rounds while on his way to the media room/library.  He then went to the female victim, 17 year-old senior, Claire Davis, and shot her point blank.

Shooter Shoots Himself

The shooter went to the library/media room.  When he was confronted by the SRO, two unarmed security officers, tried to apprehend him, he immediately shot himself, causing his death. The whole incident, which  lasted a minute and 20 seconds, started before 12:33 p.m.

There were no disciplinary actions on file against the shooter reported at this time. Sheriff Robinson believed that the motive was to retaliate against a staff, possibly the librarian.

The family of Claire Davis issued a statement to the press requesting privacy at this moment. Ms. Davis was an innocent victim, and there was no personal relationship with the shooter, according to Sheriff Robinson.

The Gun and Ammunition Used

The shooter, 18 years old,  has legally purchased a shotgun at a local retail store on December 6, 2013. In Colorado, 18 year olds can legally purchase a long rifle and a shotgun. (21 is the legal age to purchase handguns).  On the morning of the assault, he purchased rounds of ammunition. Next to his body, the investigators found a machete and two Molotov cocktails. One of the Molotov cocktails was used at the media library, where three bookshelves caught fire.

School on Lock-Down

School officials immediately ordered a lock-down immediately after a report about the gunman was received. Sheriff Robinson thanked the SRO's and unarmed security officers' quick action, which prevented more injury to the students and staff of the school. He said that the shooter planned to inflict injury and damage to a large number of people.

ATG Staff

(pictures courtesy of CNN)