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Minneapolis and St. Paul Airline Travelers Guide 

Minneapolis City Hall/Court House

Welcome to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

Welcome to the Minneapolis and St. Paul airline travelers guide. Here you will find information about the two cities (Twin Cities) of Minnesota, the cities of Minneapolis, and St. Paul.  The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul (MSP), is considered one of the most culturally-active cities in the U.S. In spite of its short warm weather, or because of it, that the residents are very active in cultural happenings. 

Start your cultural trip at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA). You will be awed at is vast collection of arts from around the world. Located in close proximity of downtown Minneapolis, it is easily accessible by Metro Bus No. 11. Plan to spend at least one whole day at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Minneapolis: a Cultural Center

Minneapolis: Seat of Arts and Crafts Shows

Uptown Hennepin Arts & Crafts Show

Once a year in the middle of Summer, Minneapolis hosts three major arts and crafts festivals. Artists from all over the U.S. and Canada all vie for a space in these juried shows. These arts and crafts festivals which are shown concurrently with each other are: Uptown Hennepin Arts Festival; Powderhorn Arts and Crafts Festival; and Loring Park Arts Show. If you are an artist who would like to show your crafts and arts at this shows, please plan ahead.

 Application is usually done months ahead of the show. Contact the individual organizations for applications. 

Powderhorn Art Fair, Minneapolis, MN 

As soon as you get off your plane from Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport (MSP)- you will be asking yourself: Should I go to Minneapolis - or should I go to St. Paul. Both cities offer several options for sightseeing and exploration. Minneapolis, although larger than St. Paul, is so warm and inviting (even though you will be feeling the wintry chill on your face). Geographically, St. Paul is a lot smaller than Minneapolis, but has lots of historical places to see and experience. 

Minneapolis has long been known to be an artists haven. Artists  from the surrounding cities and states come to Minneapolis to show off their skills. Because the warm weather in Minneapolis/St. Paul is short, the residents take good advantage of this. Several nationally acclaimed arts and crafts shows are active during the season. 

ducks at Powderhorn Park

The Transportation Building (or "GTC" as locals call it), can be accessed by an underground tunnel or a sky way from Terminal I (Lindbergh Terminal). If your plane lands in Terminal 2 (Humphrey), you may use the hotel accommodations information there as well. (Terminal 2 is a lot smaller than Terminal 1. You may go from one terminal to another by taking the light rail transit (LRT), free of charge only between those two terminals. At Terminal 1 Ground Transportation Service Building (or "GTC"),  you will find various hotel listings and hotel information. Most major hotels offer free shuttle ride to the hotels. Make sure to read the information on the hotel information kiosks.