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Paris, France

Enjoy this video - one of my favorites - and enjoy the walking tour of Paris.

I truly enjoyed my trip to Paris, and I am sure you will too.  First and foremost, I am looking at history. History that I only studied in college, and read about in books and magazines. Now, I am here; amazed at what the city offers.  I love the fact that everything is reachable by public transportation. My kind of place. I no longer wonder why it is called the "City of Lights". So called so because at night, the city's main attraction, the Eiffel Tower, and other buildings,  are bathed in light. People, residents and tourists alike stroll even in the wee hours of the morning. Food..or food markets everywhere. Arts, history, people, food. Those, for me - are the things that what makes a city. Oh Paris!

Grand Palais

Grand Palais is - what else - Grand!

Paris People strolling


Walking -  looking for a Paris icon? The best thing to do is follow the flow of people. Chances are, they are tourists going to the famous landmarks and historical destinations. While doing that, just admire the beautiful old buildings. There are so many of them! I love the architecture in Paris!

Paris on a misty day
Paris People Strolling2

This was taken at daytime when people were strolling. You will see the same view (of people strolling on the streets ) at night. The city of Paris never sleeps.

Don't Miss These Paris Icons

Just another sign to the Eiffel Tower

Airport Sleuth pointing at the Eiffel Tower

And that's me pointing at the Eiffel Tower.

Did you know that...Eiffel's designer also designed the framework of the Statue of Liberty? Now you know!

Although Paris is known for historical buildings, not all buildings in Paris are old, of course. We found some new ones during our walks. Here is a newer residential building,  located in China Town. OK - I know..this looks very common. But, I like it because it is the opposite of what I think about buildings in Paris. There are a few of these buildings but never detract from the old history feel.

Tip: The best way to enjoy Paris is by walking.

Newer building in Paris

A newer building amidst  the old

We were waiting for the train that will take us closest to the Eiffel Tower.

Here's a gallery of pictures taken in Paris.

Most of the photographs were taken by Nia Arradondo, professional photographer, Eagan, MN.

Balconies, balconies, balconies! I know, you'll think I am weird. I spent a lot of time walking looking at the balconies - and doors. Yes - they have the most beautiful doors.But I am amazed at the building various beautiful balconies. I wonder if that's a requirement by the City's fire department?

A beautiful advertising outside one of the fast food courts in Paris.

Most photos courtesy of Nia Arradondo's Photography

The Old Historic Iconic Buildings

On the left is a art bass relief on one of Paris' buildings. On the right is a view of two buildings. Note the balconies. Most of the older buildings have French doors (what else?)  going to the balconies. The balconies are made from artfully designed and welded wrought irons. I counted so many different beautiful balcony designs.

Love the buildings - even the residential.
Champ Elysses

Statue of Champ Elysees on Top of Grand Palais

All the old buildings have beautiful architectural details.

A Laotian woman owns this business. She was so nice to show us an apartment she said she owns. We should have not entertained that invitation. Looking back, looks risky and not safe.

Make Sure you Know your Arrival Airport. That is also where you are going to depart.

  • Charles de Gaulle (CDG), also known as Roissy Airport or "Roissy"
  • Orly Airport. Paris' second international airport
  • Beauvois-Tille Airport - for budget airlines
  • Paris Le Bourget - the original City airport
  • Chalons Vatry Airport - used for cargo and other budget airlines

Eiffel Tower Pictures

Yes - that's from the bottom looking up!

Eiffel Tower Closer Look

Book a Ticket Here for Dinner in the Tower Restaurant. At least two hours wait but worth it.

Palace of Versailles 

When we got off the train, we saw this structure and I started yelling "Eiffel"! It wasn't! How embarrassing! We had to take another train back, get off at an area and saw the Eiffel Tower from there. We had the view, but it is from the other side of the river. The next day, we went to the side of the Eiffel.

Champ-Elysees Avenue at Night

Tree-lined Champ Elysees Avenue
Look at the beautiful tree-lined street in Paris. We walked this street (not knowing it is the famous avenue), looking for the famous buildings while looking at the map.

Transportation in Paris? No problem. Bus, Train, or Taxis

Trains and buses connect all the various spots in the City of Paris.

Train Ticket Paris

 A picture of the train ticket you can buy from the airport to take a train to Paris Central. I found out later it is better to take the bus to Central Paris. We took the bus back to the airport (CDG).

Interior of a train in Paris

Inside the train from the CDG Airport

Paris Airport Train Station

Train Station at CDG Airport

I was lost...

Found the red door I was looking for...

Pattiserries, Brasseries, Groceries and Farmers Markets

A bakery in Paris.

A Parisian Patisserie.

Bakeries, or "Patisseries" abound at every corner. Same with grocery stores - the little ones, not the chain grocery stores. On the left is a pattisserie close to my hotel where fresh salads are also served. I love their Caesar's salad, the dressing of which is mixed before your eyes.

I also really tried taking a picture of the ceiling here and tried to capture in picture but couldn't. It is made of decorative plaster. I wish I knew how to do those decorative ceilings.

All these places are accessible by walking. There are so many grocery stores within a block.

Farmers' Market under a bridge 

Farmers Market under a Bridge
One of Brasseries in Paris

Just walk and you will find food in Paris...

At this farmers' market underneath a bridge, everything is sold.

Farmers' Market sell everything, including clothes.

Walking in Paris is very enjoyable. Your eyes will have a feast, looking at not only the people, but also the scenery. Above is a farmers market just below one of the bridges. One thing I like the farmers' market here is that sell various kinds of cooked food, cooked right there. Of course, you will also see flowers, vegetables and fresh meat and seafood. One doesn't have to go to a restaurant for a quick bite. They will serve the food steaming hot for you at this farmers' market. 

The seats are facing the street...makes sense for people watching