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My favorite Philippine cooking and Filipino food videos from You Tube will be shown on the following pages. Also, in the works, this page will also include the history and origin of Philippine cooking and Filipino food. This will include a compilation of various Filipino cooking and recipes from the best sources that we found, plus, my own version and variations of Filipino recipes.

If you have some Philippine recipes you want to share here, please feel free to contact me and you will be given full credits. You may even post your picture on this site. Thank you very much for vising this Philippine cooking and recipes page.

My favorite Philippine Recipes

Favorite Philippine Recipes

The following are my favorite Philippine recipes and Filipino cooking:

  • Rice, of course

  • None of the recipes shown below will be eaten without rice (for me, anyway! :-). So, I am starting with the mention of rice here. There are three ways of cooking rice: one the regular way - using a pot in a pan; the second is using a rice cooker; and my preferred way: cooking in the microwave oven.

  • Adobo

  • This is my favorite video of adobo cooking. There are different variations of adobo - just in the way of cooking. The ingredients are the same.

  • Pancit

  • Pancit is made of rice noodles. This is eaten as a snack or as an additional dish during meal times. Here is a video of how to cook pancit.

  • Bagoong

  • There are two kinds of bagoong: fish and shrimp. They are both made of paste of fish or shrimp, salted and kept in jars to ferment. The Filipinos love bagoong and that it is usually served during meal most of the time. Warning: bagoong are very salty and can add to your salt intake. A little teaspoon of bagoong contains more than your daily intake. Bagoong tastes good with squeezed lemon or the Philippines "kalamansi".

    Bagoong is also good eaten with Green Mango This is a real Philippine treat.

  • Sinangag (Garlic Fried Rice)

  • The Philipines' fried rice is so different from other nations' fried rice. It is cooked with a lot of garlic, hence the name "garlic rice". This is usually eaten as part of breakfast. This is the Filipinos' breakfast "cereal", usually eaten with dried fish, salted eggs, sausage, tocino or ham.

  • Lumpia

    Lumpia or egg rolls, are very similar to the egg rolls from other countries. The Filipinos use a different kind of rice wrapper, in my opinion is better than made in other countries. Here is a video about making lumpia:

  • Morcon

  • Making Morcon involves long preparation. This is the very first Philippine dish that I made because I was intrigued with how it is made. This is usually a "specialty" dish served during parties and special occasions. I love the looks from my American friend when they see my Morcon with rolled beef and a whole egg inside. I am not prepared to play my cooking vides here so I am going to search one for you.

  • Dinuguan

  • This is something that some Americans frown at. This is called "chocolate meat" in English. When I first came to the U.S., I sold the recipe in the Earth Magazine. It is a very interesting recipe. Very delicious but for those who do not like the idea of eating blood, this is not for them. In 1981, my mom, Evelyn N. Laurel, sent me a recipe of dinuguan when she was still in the Philippines. I will scan it and post it here. Here is a video of dinuguan that I have chosen:

    I will be back here tomorrow to finish putting videos for the following. Please come back soon. I have video-taped several of my own Filipino cooking recipes but not ready to post them yet. In the meantime, please enjoy whatever recipe that you decide to try.

    See you later!

  • Sinampalukang Manok

  • Sinampalukang manok is chicken cooked in Tamarind (Sampaloc) paste. This gives the dish a tarty flavor. The Filipinos use sour ingredients in their cooking. For example, the most famous dish, "adobo", is cooked with vinegar. They also use citrus, a mini one, called "Kalamansi". The flavor of "kalamansi" is a lot better than lemon. "Manok" is Tagalog word for chicken. Sampaloc is also used in cooking another famous Philippine dish, "Sinigang". This dish can be cooked with fish, chicken, pork or beef. Here is the video that I chose for this "Sinampalukang Manok" recipe.

  • Sinigang
    Here is "Sinigang Pork"

  • "Sinigang" can also be cooked with Shrimp or Fish. Here's one for shrimp.

  • And this one is for Fish -

    Check back often...more coming. Thank you for visiting the best of Filipino food and cooking videos from Philippine cooks. (more......)

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