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Retirement of NWA's Boeing747-200s

Pictures taken during the retirement of Boeing 747-200 Series, Boeing Airport, Seattle, Washington

747 Retirement. Guests registration

Left: Guests were signing up for the event

747-200 ready to touch-down

Right: The 747-200 ready to land.

Kitchen of 747-200
Seattle Flight museum
747 parked to fly tomorrow
A check in sign during the 747-200 retirement
Certificate of Complianace inside the aircraft
NWA 747-200 wings
Guests checking in for the celebration

Things to do in Seattle

  • go to the Pike's Market
  • go to the Space Needle
  • visit the shops
  • visit Starbucks, Boeing and other major companies
  • go to farmers' and art markets.

Famous Landmarks in Seattle

  • Space Needle
  • Starbucks
  • Boeing
  • Microsoft
  • Bill Gates House
  • Seattle Great Wheel
  • Fremont Troll

The Retirement Event

Who could ever forget this memorable event! Two and half
years ago, we bid goodbye to the Boeing wide-body 747-200, one of my favorite aircraft.  I was invited to attend the celebration in Seattle at Boeing's airport.  The 747-200 started in Minneapolis with employees, crew members, media, and other former and presnet flight crews who 'worked' the aircraft. Northwest Airlines

Flight 9987 left the Lindbergh (MSP) terminal on October 2 
at 5:00pm.

The flight landed at the Boeing airport, and the celebration was at the Flight Museum. The 747 retired with a blast!
What a celebration!  What an energy inside the aircraft! You seldom see this kind when you are on one of our flights! Truly magnificent!

The aircraft arrived exactly at 631 pm at Boeing Field in Seattle. There was an all-day celebration at the Museum of Flight.
Joe Sutter, the designer of 747 was there and he signed some
of the guests' reception tickets. The Museum was open for all festivities and shows. At 600pm there was a photo shoot in
front of the 747-200. The door to the reception opened immediately after that. And, what a reception. There Northwest and Boeing people
know how to party.  I did my part to help out: I was the lady
in blue dress checking out your tickets, you guys. What a bunch of nice people! Pilots and their families; Northwest employees, guests and families; Delta employees and their guests and families. Beautiful people, beautiful music, excellent! Food tables
 were spread out all over. Wine bar all over. Thanks to the volunteers who made this happen. Carol Thompson volunteered
 her time, so were the other agents, supervisors, flight
 attendants who staffed the reception and guest check-in and the flight attendants who were by the aircraft door. On the
return trip, the guests were checked in at a small terminal
of Boeing Air Field. Everyone walked towards the aircraft. Pictures were taken. That day, I bet that is the most photographed aircraft in the world. Before the flight took off, the captain announced that he was requested by the people watching the flight to wave the
wings for all the spectators. He warned us -- those of us who are not familiar with the sensation created when an airplane "waves" its wings.

Farewell Wave...Goodbye....

After the "waving" of the wings, the Captain announced that we the FAA approved that the aircraft fly really close to Mt. Rainier. He went around to position the aircraft so that we have a real close-up view of the mountain. All you could hear was wow, ohhh, and ahhhhs. What a magnificent view sitting inside a widebody aircraft! I want you to experience what the guests experienced so I will have a video at this page soon.