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Why do we fly?

What are the top reasons why you and I fly to reach a certain destination instead of driving? Well, the top and the most obvious reason is the speed. Flying gets you to your destination faster than any other means of transportation. How long did it take my family to move from San Jose,

California, to Minnesota? It took us 4 nights and 3 days. In contrast, flying would have only taken us 3-1/2 hours, the most.

When someone has a lot of time on their hand, like other people, like the retirees do - then driving, or taking the train can be chosen. But, if time if of the essence, the flying is the only way to get there.

Airlines provide you with several reasons to travel by air. They also give you hundreds of travel destinations to choose from. Here, we are giving you the top ten reasons why people fly by air. Whether you are looking for a romantic get-away or an action-filled vacation place, or just want to be with family and relatives, air travel can take you there - faster!
Again, why do air travelers choose air travel to go to those destinations? The reasons again are: speed and comfort. Nothing beats traveling by air. Add to that is the safety record of air travel. Air travel so far has been the safest means of travel for everyone. You always hear this: that there are more people killed on the freeways everyday, than people killed on airplane flight a year.

Speed: It would take 3 days and 3 nights to fly from the Midwest to the West if they want to see the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. But it will only take only about three hours and a half to go there by air. So, if a family wants to go to San Francisco and stay there for a week, flying is the best option. Below are other reasons why travelers travel by air:

Here are the top reasons why people fly

  • To go shopping:

  • Shopping travel destinations. Where to shop? Air travelers who want to buy a specific item and/or want to shop for various items that they can find only in one city, for example, New York City, for those designer high-end item, Tiffany's Coach, for example, they fly. Many travel promoters even organize special "shopping trips" to large cities and malls, i.e. Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis, which is only 10 minutes away from Minneapolis (MSP) Airport.

  • For Family Vacations:

  • Family vacations. When families plan to go on vacation, usually the whole family vote for their destination. If they have children,the children might want to plan to go to DisneyWorld. The parents might have something else in mind. No matter what you have decided, children should be given the opportunity to go to their favorite places so that they'll feel better about themselves.

  • To go explore nature and/or to go Hiking:

  • Hiking - For lovers of nature, outdoor and exercise, they usually choose to fly to states, countries or cities that provide several hiking places. Air travelers may choose to hike at the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail and other National Scenic Trails - North Country Trail and just any place that has a hiking trail. Here in our state, Minnesota, you will find several groomed hiking trails from the metropolis and even deep in the forests.

    Avid hikers fly to one spot and look for a spot to start their trail. The National Scenic Trails were built with foot traffic in mind. They do not allow other means of transportation in these trails. The National Scenic Trails were built to reach the highest and the most scenic places in the United States, from the West Coast to the East Coast.

  • For Nature Travels:

  • Going to see the country's natural wonders is another reason why people and families use air travel. The United States and other countries in the world provide so many nature-travel destinations. Check out this website to find some nature travel packages

    Nature Travel Specialists

    Nature travel not only provides an invigorating way to travel. It also gives us more understanding of Mother Nature and what she offers. It provides us with eye-opening information about the habitats of the earth and what their role in our globe. The families can fly to domestic destinations and explore the U.S. Parks, the mountains of Colorado, the wildlife and the geysers at Yellow Stone National Park and other similar travel destinations. For those who can afford, they can travel by air to other international destinations, like Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, China, New Zealand, Peru, and they can even plan a flight and a trip for an African Safari. If you do not want to travel alone, the above destinations can provide you with travel specialists and/or travel guides to lead your journey. Travel specialists can be found in any part of the world. If you are going to South America, Tropical Nature Travel can guide you. Ecuador Nature Travel specialists

    Check out the following travel specialists: Travants - travel specialists

    There are also travel guides that are called "generalists". What is the difference? There was actually a study done on this that you can find here Study: Travel Specialists vs. Travel Generalists

  • For Fishing outside the traveler's home area:

  • For those who love fishing for sports or for food, they can fly to destinations where a specific kind of fish can be found in abundance. There are also several fishing travel guides that they can contact if this is one of your hobbies. . For air travelers who want to do deep sea fishing FishNet Connect can provide you with more information on where to go, how to fish, and other important information that those who are born to fish need to know. When I was a little girl, we lived in a fishing village in Southern Philippines where I saw all kinds of huge fish, including shark that were being caught and traded at that area. I remember seeing some swordfish occasionally jumping from the deeps of the Sarangani Bay onto the air. Just imagine how exciting it is for those who were born to fish to see these kind of action during their deep-sea fishing.

    Some of the destinations for deep sea fishing can be found in the Atlantic Coast, the Caribbean, Alaska, Costa Rica, Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, Mexico, Pacific Coast and many many more. There are so many deep sea fishing expedition agencies, not only here in the United States but around the world.

  • For Beach Combing/Sun and Fun Travel>

  • A major part of air travelers, especially those who live in countries that have long winters like Minnesota and North Eastern states, are inflicted with what we call "cabin fever". So as soon as they can they go the destinations where the weather is warm, where they can lay on the beach, and enjoy the weather. The "Sun and Fun" destinations include the states of Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, the Bahamas. Spring is usually the best time to go for many travel agencies and airline provides very good fare to these destinations. Try to avoid the "Spring Break" since the beaches and the sun destinations will be filled with the younger crowd - and I mean younger, teenagers and college kids. So, if you want a quiet and relaxing and crowd-free sun and fun destinations during your travels, be sure to go to these places on a day other than Spring Break. Be sure to check out the fares of our partners at The Travel Mall

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