Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan

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From the Editor

Day two:

The second day after the tsunami, caused by a monstrous earthquake, struck - revealed more images of enormous devastation and death. Images on our television showed the horror and defeat on the face of the survivors in the city that is now buried in sand and mud. Boats, buildings, cars and creatures, are now just pieces of debris that needs to be excavated..and carefully disposed of. Of whatever is left....

Those -- all shred to pieces and now lay on what was once rice fields and agricultural land, are shown, again and again the surviving members of this world. Devastation beyond belief! For many of us here in the U.S., the memories of Katrina is coming back. The same is true for those who live in the Pacific - thoughts of a similar one that struck them a few years ago. The present one may not be as strong as the tsunamis in Indonesia but the value of lives lost is the same!

Day two - and thousands of people have been confirmed dead. Like the Katrina flooding, and the Indonesian deadly waves, the Japan tsunamis really show us that we, humans, could not win against the fury of Mother nature. We are constantly being put to test, being constantly reminded of how vulnerable we all are! Perhaps because Mother Nature knows that, time and again, we can rebuild? Time and time again! And that time and time again, we are resilient - if we survive! We feel so humbled. For we know. We know that - no one can cross Mother Nature but herself!

There is nothing we can do in the meantime but pray and wait!

Edita N. Laurel

Your Web Editor

Picking up the Pieces


  • As of 200pm there are more than 900 bodies recovered
  • The roof of a portion of one of the buildings in a nuclear plant exploded. Officials stated that there are no toxic substances in that building. Evacuation was done to a 12 mile-radius.
  • The U.S. is sending help - they should be there by now
  • More horror images are showing up in our television screens

  • Day 3 Update

    • Nuclear reactor: no hope of cooling down. Possible melt-down
    • More residents not accounted for. Death toll will be higher.
    • Help from other countries arriving
    • Residents have no food, water and basic necessary items.

    • Day 4 Update

      • Japan is now facing explanation to ease the public's panic about the hydrogen plant explosion. Officials are saying that it will not be like Chernobyl.
      • Rescue and recovery revealed a possibility of higher number of death. In some towns of the Sendai state, almost all residents have not been accounted for. So far: more than 10,000.00.

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        In light of all this, the only thing we can do is wait, pray, and hope for the best!

        (More continuation tomorrow.....)

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