Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan
Day 9 - Rescue

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E. Laurel, ATG
Minneapolis MN
Posted 20 March 2011

Rescued After 9 Days

Nine days after the deadly tsunami and earthquake struck Japan's state, Sendai, an 80-year grandmother and a teenager were rescued from the rubble.

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While the Japanese rescuers were going from one destroyed building to another, a result of the deadly tsunami and earthquake in Japan, they noticed a teenager came out of one of the rubbles. The scene happened in the southern part of Miyagi City of Ishinomaki. Both the grandmother and the teenager were rescued by medical workers, CNN television reported today. The teenager managed to crawl through the rubble onto the roof, according to authorities. Authorities reported that both survived in a space in the dwelling, and had access to the food in the refrigerator. Both were reported to have been missing by relatives on March 13, two days after the tsunami struck Japan. The specific location of the rescue was at Kadonowakimachi, southern part of Ishinomaki, near the coast.

A Glimmer of Hope

The news of the rescue gave hope to the other families who are looking for their missing loved ones. As of this writing there are at least 15,000 more missing.

Death Toll Rising

Thousands are now confirmed dead, more than 8,000 have been reported, and thousands more missing. Many survivors are able to tell the rescue officials where their relatives' bodies could be found. However, no one is able to reach them - yet. Like us we are still waiting and hoping that there would be more survivors to be found - even on this 9th - going on 10th day after the initial devastation.

Use of Rescue Dogs

Specially-trained rescue dogs are now being utilized in the search and rescue operations, something that was not done during the early days of the rescue. Dogs are commonly used in the United States for search and rescue operations. Once they are trained, they are better than humans in searching and detecting missing human beings. At this time, only rescue dogs are being used to be able to get the live ones from the rubble. According to CNN, "the dogs are so highly trained, they're able to block out the scent of a dead body and pick up only on someone who's alive." The cadaver dogs - which we are hoping that will be used later, are being commonly utilized here in the United States to find cadaver or missing bodies.

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