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Taiwan Air Crash 

Taiwan Air GE222 Wreckage 

Bad Weather to be Blamed

The bad weather is to be blamed for the airplane crash in Taiwan, while the aircraft was trying to land in Taiwan's Penghu Island chain, between Taiwan and China, last Wednesday, July 23, 2014. Forty-eight people were killed and 10 injured at the ATR-72 aircraft of Taiwan's Trans-Asia Airways. 

About 200 flights have been cancelled all over Taiwan that day due to high winds brought about by typhoon Matmo that passed over Taiwan. But even if it was obvious that the weather was bad for flights and may have been to blame, investigation is still under way to determine the actual cause/s of the airplane crash. Penghu Islands is a national tourist spot because of the islets. In 2002, there was another airplane crash in the area when a Taiwan Airways' Boeing 747 with 225 people on board broke apart in flight, and crashed straight into the Taiwan Strait.


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Among the dead passengers were a firefighter, who was found in the wreckage by his co-workers. There were also 2 French medical interns from Taiwan National University who were killed. GE222, was Taiwan's first fatal air crash in 12 years. There were eight (8) houses who were destroyed. One of the 10 injured passengers was well enough to go home.

The Captain

The Captain of the flight had 22 years experience, and was ready to retire this year. He was about to try a second landing when the aircraft crashed.

The airlines announced that families of the passengers will initially be paid $6,600 to cover funeral expenses and another $27,000.00 for funeral expenses.

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