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Welcome to Edita's Travelers Blog pages. Blog on air travel, airlines, airports, aircraft, destination, travel deals, travel gear, accessories, do's and dont's of air travel, non-revs, etc. Anything and everything about airline travel, including airline news.


Hi, My husband and I sponsored his daughter. She is from Thailand and we live in Canada. This winter, we are going to Thailand and she will be coing back

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Can you switch seat categories on two connecting flights?

My family is flying from Indianapolis, Indiana to Honolulu in the fall. Is it possible to fly economy class to, let's say, from Indianapolis to San Francisco

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Rush Passport in Minneapolis

Applying for rush passport in Minneapolis

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asia pacific, Philippines,Hongkong

This is about Asia Pacific, including the islands of the Philippines and Hongkong

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Breaking Airport and Travel News

A compilation of breaking airport and air travel news and other noteworthy global and culture stories.

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This is the Home Page of Airline Travelers

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Change of Circumstances

I am booked on a non refundable ticket from Rataonga to Sydney with a stop over in Auckland, I now need to fly from Auckland to Hong Kong instead of completing

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Airline Lingo, Airline Terms, Airline Language

This section will provide you with airline lingo, airline terms and language and their meanings.

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Guaranteed Best Diversity Program

Best Diversity Program to Implement in your Organization

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Airline Travelers' Guide
to Passengers who are Physically Challenged

Airline Travelers who are Physically Challenged Help Page

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to Passengers who are Physically Challenged "

For Air Travelers

Sub Homepage Specifically for Passengers/Air Travelers

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Airplane Crashes

The world's airplane crashes are researched and recorded here at

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Cheap Tickets and Travel Deals at Laurel's Travelers' Mall

Find some air travel deals here: Cheap Tickets, Travel Deals, Cheap Hotels, etc.

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World-Wide Events for November 2015

These are the events world-wide for the month of November, 2015

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Great deals on Camping Gears

Ready to go camping? Save on several camping gears here.

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Air Crash in Taiwan Kills 48 People; Injured 10

Taiwan Air Crash: Bad Weather to be Blamed

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Top Reasons for Flying

What are the Top Reasons why people fly?

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Tips for Stress-Free Air-Travel

Here are some tips on how to have a stress-free travel

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The Downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

Malaysia Airlines Shot Down on July 17, 2014. Read the story here

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Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China is One of World's Man-Made Wonder

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Top Hongkong Sites

This page is about top Hongkong sights and views, top shopping, top hotel

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Events Worldwide for July

Here are the events we gathered happening in July

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappearance

All About the Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 over South China Sea

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Events for June 2014

Here are the events happening in June 2014

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Airline Employment

Issues and trends about airline employment

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Consumers' Page for Airline Passenger

These are tips and resources for airline passengers and consumers

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Last Minute Deals for Air Travelers

Hurry and find last minute deals for your Summer travel!

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Best Beaches for Nude Sunbathers

Feeling pale and lonely? Or Hot and Sweaty? Time to Head to Beaches for Naked Sunlovers

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Our Travel Partners' Links

Please visit our travel partners. The links to their pages are on this page.

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Minneapolis St. Paul Guide

Page about the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota

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The Latest Information from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Here are the latest information on TSA Air Travel Regulations

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Asiana Airlines Crash in San Francisco

Asiana Airlines Crashed in San Francisco During Landing

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Your Air Travel Questions Answered Here

Do you have any air travel questions you want answered? Ask them here.

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Test Your Air-Travel Knowledge

Test Your Knowledge of Air Travel by Using our Free Flashcards.

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Best Travel Deals, Top Destinations, Best Tips on Flying Pages

This is the summary of pages and will be new homepage for Airline Travelers, best travel deals, top destinations, do's and don'ts and best tips on flying and

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Technology and Air Travel

The latest and greatest technology used in air travel today. We feature a compilation of computer applications that help the air travelers.

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Paris, France

Paris, France. My Kind of City

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Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Here are tips for Stress-free Travel

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Top Destination: Natural Swimming Destinations

Here are the top natural swimming destinations

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Airline Travelers Privacy Policy

This is the page outlining our privacy and other policies

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Caution Necessary on Chinese Reports of Signals on MH370

Caution Necessary About China's Report of Signals Received

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MH370 Chinese Satellite Images May Provide Clues

Breaking News on Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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International Airlines Worldwide

Here is a list of international airlines. These are the airlines not based in the U.S.

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