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World's Airplane Crashes

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Just Happened! Malaysia Airlines (MH17) Shot Down in Ukraine - July 2014
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Malaysia Airlines (MH) Flight 370 Disappearance
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The most recent airplane crash (or assumed to have crashed because of its disappearance from the face of the earth), is that of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China. Two hundred thirty (239) people, passengers and crew were on board. Months after its disappearance, nothing - no clue  or debris - has been found. 

A year after it disappeared, portions of the aircraft were located - right where they suspected it crashed. No other information after that. Authorities are still looking for clues, and trying o determine the cause of the crash.

Asiana Airlines (OZ) Crash in San Francisco

Asiana Airlines Flight crashed while landing at San Francisco Airport (SFO), hit a seawall, divided in several pieces, and burnt, killing 3 passengers, including a passenger who tried to escape the burning wreckage. 

On July 7, 2013, an Asiana Airlines (OZ) flight (Flight 214) from Seoul, Korea crashed while landing at San Francisco (SFO) International Airport. Two passengers were killed on the spot, and one more died in the hospital. More than 160 passengers were injured, and majority of them escaped. News reports and pictures from the scene showed passengers scampering to safety away from the aircraft before it was engulfed in flames. Some of the injured were flight attendants who were sitting at the back of the airplane. They were thrown out during the crash landing.

One of the passengers who was killed, a Chinese teenager, was killed after she was run over by an emergency truck that arrived to rescue passengers. The rescuers immediately reported that they believe that they run over a fleeing passenger.

Out of 307 passengers on board, which included 16 crew members, 123 were treated at San Francisco hospitals and surrounding cities.

The aircraft was a 777 (Triple 7 in aircraft lingo. It was reported that the aircraft landed with tail first while hitting the start of the runway's edge, sheering off the Triple 7's tail section.

It was determined during the investigation that the cause of the crash was pilot error.

For more information, go to Asiana Flight 214 

Air France Flight 447 Crash

On June 1, 2009, Air France Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean four hours from take off. Very few bodies were recovered and there were reports that the airplane crashed intact.

May 6, 2011 
A body was lifted today from the ocean where Air France flight 447 wreckage was found. This follows the finding of the black box which was lifted only a couple of days earlier. According to news reports, the body is still strapped on the seat belt. DNA testing will be conducted to determine the identity of the victim/ Body of Air France Flight 447 Crash Lifted from the Wreckage 

May 3, 2011 
The second black box of Air France Flight 447 that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean was recovered today.Air France flight 447 Second Black Box Recorder Recovered from Wreckage 

April 3, 2011 
Phase 4 of the recovery of Air France Flight 447 that crashed after it left Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, found several debris and a huge part of the downed aircraft, not far from where the previous parts have been found and recovered. The aircraft was found in a silty sea bed, with debris and some bodies caught between the debris. The debris found was described as "quite intact", and may have exploded but the plane was not divided in few pieces. The bodies will be brought to the surface for identification, but as of this time, there was no report on how many bodies have been recovered.

For more articles on Air France Crash Phase 4 Recovery, visit the following news websites: 

Stall Warning a Problem Air France 

Caspian Air Flight 7908 crashed in an agricultural field near the city of Qazvin, Iran. 168 people on board were killed. 
Brazil Ended Search for More Bodies from Air France Flight 447 Crash. 
Air France Paying Families of Crash Victims 

Air France Getting Close to Answers/50th Body has been found /400 Total Pieces of Wreckage Read more... 

Pattern of dead bodies from Air France 447 crash suggests it split up in mid-air Read more...6/12/09
More bodies recovered from 
Air France crash Read more.....

Was terrorism the cause of the 
Air France crash?

6/10/09T wo Air France passengers probed for terror link Read more....Terror link to 2 aboard crashed jet Two passengers with names matched to Islamic terrorism were on AF Flt 447 that crashed on 6/1/09Submarine at AF Jet Crash to hunt for black boxesAF 447 Vertical Stabilizer FoundAir France ignored Recommendation to Change Speed Instruments on AF Flt 447 that Crashed6/9/09Clues Hide in Air France Vertical Stabilizer Read more....The bodies of victims of AF Flt 447 crash arrived in Brazil today. Read AF 447 Jet Crash
6/8/09A total of 24 bodies and part of the tail was found today at the AF Flt 447 crash site. (From Montreal Gazette 6/8/09). 
Seventeen (17) total bodies now recovered from Atlantic OceanU
Brazil recovers 3 more bodies near jet crash site (Yahoo News)In addition to the two bodies recovered yesterday, Brazil recovered 23 more bodies, for a total of five (5). No other information on the sex of the last three. 
The Air France crash hits home. Another Filipino died in an airplane crash. When Air France 447 crashed on June 1, 2009, a Filipino seaman, Arden Jugueta, was one of the passengers who perished during that crash. Yesterday, the Saudi Arabian Embassy confirmed that one of the flight attendants working the Yeman Airline that crashed was a Filipina. Camille Lou Castillo Libron, 26, single. Read more..... 
Air France Flight 447 disappeared from the radar and never heard from starting June 1, 2009 when an automatic message was sent to the Air France operations center. There were 228 people on board from different nationalities

Air France Flight 447 left Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was heading to Paris when, after four (4) hours of flight, it was never heard from at all. On June 2, 2009, debris were found near the area where the aircraft was supposed to be at - near Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. Officials confirmed that the airplane seat, a fuel slick, and pieces of white debris scattered over miles of Atlantic Ocean were from Air France 447 that disappeared a day earlier.The flight was believed to be have met a severe turbulence and possibly loss of cabin pressure, based on automatic signal emitted from the aircraft before it disappeared from radar.The airplane was flying at 500 miles per hour, and the storm was coming at them for 100 miles per hour. Meteorologist speculate that started the process which ended up in tragedy.Search of the remains of AF aircraft took more than two years. The black box was finally found, but some of the passengers" bodies were never recovered.

List of Passengers Air France Flight 447

  1. Luiz Roberto Anastacio, 50; Brazilian; president for South America, Michelin
  2. -Mateus Antunes, Brazilian-Octavio Antunes, Brazilian
  3. -Patricia Antunes, Brazilian
  4. -Stephane Artiguenave, 35; French; salesman at electrical distributor CGED
  5. -Sandrine Artiguenave, 34; French
  6. -Silvio Barbato, Brazilian, former conductor for the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater Orchestra
  7. -Valnizia Betzler, Brazilian
  8. -Pierre-Cedric Bonin, 32; French; co-pilot of AF447
  9. -Pedro Luis de Orleans e Braganca, 26; Brazilian; descendent of Brazil's last emperor
  10. -Isabelle Bonin, 36; French; wife of AF447 co-pilot Pierre-Cedric Bonin
  11. -Aisling Butler, 26; Irish, of Roscrea, Ireland; doctor
  12. -Vanderleia Carraro, Brazilian
  13. -Julia Chaves de Mirandas Chmi, Brazilian
  14. -Leticia Chem, Brazilian
  15. -Roberto Chem, Brazilian
  16. -Vera Chem, Brazilian
  17. -Chen Chiping, 53, Chinese; wife of Liaoning province's vice mayor, vice manager of a trade company under Benxi Iron & Steel
  18. -Chen Qingwei, 35, Chinese; resident of central Chinese city of Wuhan, had applied to become Brazilian investment immigrant
  19. -Brad Clemes, 49; Canadian from Guelph, Ontario; Coca-Cola executive
  20. -Arthur Coakley, 61; British; structural engineer for PDMS
  21. -Bianca Cotta, Brazilian-Ana Luis Curty, Brazilian
  22. -Leonardo Dardengo, Brazilian
  23. -Juliana de Aquina, Brazilian
  24. -Jose Roberto Gomes da Silva, Brazilian
  25. -Carlos Eduardo de Mello, Brazilian
  26. -Jane Deasy, 27; Irish; doctor
  27. -Marc Dubois, 58; French; flight captain of AF447
  28. -Simone Elias, Brazilian
  29. -Marcia Mosconde Faria, Brazilian
  30. -Sonia Ferreira, Brazilian
  31. -Adriana Henriques, Brazilian
  32. -Walter Carrilho Junior, Brazilian
  33. -Izabela Kestler, Brazilian
  34. -Jozsef Gallasz, 44; Hungarian; partner of Hungarian victim Rita Szarvas.
  35. -Gao Jiachun, 27, Chinese; an employee with Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in south China city of Shenzhen
  36. -Gao Xing, 39, Chinese; manager of trade company under Benxi Iron & Steel
  37. -Antonio Gueiros; Brazilian; information systems director, Michelin
  38. -Michael Harris, 60; American, from Lafayette, Louisiana; geologist
  39. -Anne Harris; American, from Lafayette, Louisiana, physical therapist
  40. -Erich Heine, 41; South African-born; member of executive board of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG
  41. -Claus-Peter Hellhammer, 28; employee of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG based in Germany
  42. -Veronica Ivanovitch, 57; Swiss-Brazilian; the wife of telecoms millionaire Hans Ivanovitch
  43. -Moritz Kock, 54; German, from Potsdam; architect
  44. -Giovanni Battista Lenzi, Trentino area, Italy
  45. -Leonardo Pereira Leite, Brazilian
  46. -Li Mingwen, 44, Chinese; deputy general manager of Benxi Iron & Steel based in China's northeastern Liaoning Province
  47. -Jean Claude Lozouet, Brazilian
  48. -Zoran Markovic, 45; Croatian, from Kostelji, Croatia; sailor
  49. -Jose Gregorio Marques, Brazilian
  50. -Maria Teresa Marques, Brazilian
  51. -Nelson Marinho, Brazilian
  52. -Carlos Mateus, Brazilian
  53. -Gustavo Mattos, Brazilian
  54. -Marco Antonio Camargos Mendonca, 44, Brazilian, worked for Vale SA mining company
  55. -Luis Claudio Monlevad, Brazilian
  56. -Tadeu Moraes, Brazilian
  57. -Eduardo Moreno, Brazilian
  58. -Marcelo Oliveira, Brazilian
  59. -Christine Pieraerts; French; engineer at Michelin
  60. -David Robert, 37; French; co-pilot of AF447
  61. -Bruno Pelajo, Brazilian
  62. -Marcela Pellizzon, Brazilian
  63. -Ferdinand Porcard, Brazilian
  64. -Sonia Maria Cordeiro Porcaro, Brazilian
  65. -Deise Possamai, Brazilian
  66. -Luciana Seba, Brazilian
  67. -Shen Zuobing, about 40, Chinese; former material section chief, Benxi Iron & Steel
  68. -Ana Carolina Silva, Brazilian
  69. -Angela Cristina de Oliveira Silva, Brazilian
  70. -Joao Marques Silva, Brazilian
  71. -Jose Souza, Brazilian
  72. -Adriana Sluijs, Brazilian
  73. -Sun Lianyou, 49, Chinese; director of smelting plant, Benxi Iron & Steel
  74. -Rita Szarvas; Hungarian; therapist at a Budapest center for children with motor disabilities. Her 7-year-old son was also aboard, but his name was not released.
  75. -Maria Vale, Brazilian
  76. -Francisco Vale, Brazilian
  77. -Paulo Vale, Brazilian
  78. -Eithne Walls, 29; Irish; doctor
  79. -Solu Wellington Vieira de Sa, Brazilian
  80. -Xiao Xiang, 35, Chinese; associate research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
  81. Rino Zandonai; Trentino area, Italy.
  82. -Christiane Zeuthen; Danish
  83. -Zhang Qingbo, 54,

Passengers who Missed the Air France Flight 447: 
For some passengers who missed the AF Flight 447, because of traffic or problem with their reservations, it was a sad relief, knowing that they missed death but 228 people did not. They are -

Andrej Aplinc - Slovenia sailor, father of 2. His cab driver was in a hurry to watch a soccer match so he got to the airport early to catch Flt 447. However, he found that there was not enough legroom on that flight for his bum knee and there were seats on the earlier AF flight. He took that flight and his life was spared.

Gustavo Ciriaco, Brazilian, dancer, choreographer, was late to take AF 4 pm flight and the airline agents could not find his seat and the gate was about to close. He pleaded to be on the flight and the airline discovered the seating error and they allowed him to take the 4pm flight. Otherwise, he said, he would have been on the AF447 flight.

Amina Benouargha-Jaffiol, lives in France, tried to get on the flight Sunday night by asking her diplomat friend to convince the airline. The airline did not relent, and so her's and her husband's (Claude) lives were spared.

The above stories or missing a doomed flight for one reason or another, should be considered in a positive light and not be considered traumatic. The above "survisors" were sadly humbled when they compare their fate to the fate of the passengers of Air France 447 that they missed.

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