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Looking for Cheap Tickets?

Looking for cheap tickets?

or discount airline tickets? Are you on a budget? Most American families are. If you looking for cheap and discount tickets for your flights, you can start your search by looking for discount travel agencies. There are many agencies that sell discount and cheap travel tickets. All you have to do is type "cheap tickets" or "discount air tickets" on your search box. These agencies offer discounted airline travel tickets to anywhere in the world where you want to go.

Some of these web travel agencies are part of the major airlines; some are independent travel agencies, and some are what we call consolidator travel agencies. These discount travel agencies are the clearing house for travel tickets that you can buy on discount.

What are "Bulk" Tickets?

Most of the tickets that are being sold by consolidator agencies are also called "bulk" tickets. They are cheap airline tickets, but there are a lot of restrictions. Be sure to ask the travel agencies what the restrictions are. These tickets are good if you have a specific travel date/time in mind, so if you not changing your travel dates at all, the tickets from these discounted travel agencies are the perfect solution when you have a large family with very limited budget.

Look for Restrictions

Some of the restrictions are: limited date/day use, limited maximum stay, there is a minimum stay, etc. So for worry-free flights, be sure to check the "fine-print". There is nothing more aggravating than finding that your tickets are no longer good when you get to the airport 5 minutes late for departure.

Here are some of the discount ticket agencies online:

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  • So whenever you purchase a discounted travel ticket from these agencies, be sure to read the fine print. Ask, ask and ask! Although you are the one building your reservation on the internet, they do have a toll free number that you can call.

  • After you made your travel reservations on the internet, be sure to wait for your "Confirmation Number". It is also called a "PNR Number" (PNR stands for Passenger Name Information). These discount travel agencies will provide you with the PNR number and that is something very important for you to have. Be sure to print the page with the confirmation number. Many a flights were missed by airline travelers because the airline representative could not find the reservation number (or PNR -"Passenger Name Record"). Without a PNR or "Confirmation Number", your reservation is not complete. I have seen - and tons of it - passengers came to the airport, with children, pets, check on for their travel. The airline agent calls their Help Desk after unsuccessfully locating their travel itinerary. And ! - and even the Help Desk representative finds nothing! Nothing because the reservation was not completed. So, for a worry and stress-free vacation, please complete your reservation made in the internet.

  • Before you leave your computer, be sure to print the confirmation number so that you can see if your reservation has been completed.

    How to Read an Airline Itinerary

    An "itinerary" shows information about your flights. In the airline system, it is also called PNR (or Passenger Name Record). It used to be that ticketing was all done in "paper ticketing". Nowadays, most ticketing are done using "electronic ticketing". What it means is that everything that you or the airline or the travel agents did with regards to your flights is done in the computer system, stored in the airline's computer system, and the only thing that you will have when you get to to the airport is a piece of paper showing your "itinerary". It shows your name, the date of your travel, your flights (with the flight numbers, date and time, and sometimes, the gate (which can change). It also contains the ticket number. The ticket number is very important because sometimes, the name you used is different from your identification and it happens that the airline representative (or even the electronic check-in machines) may have a difficult time finding your itinerary. It also shows the amount your paid for your trip. Also note the PNR Number. The PNR number is a 6 digit set of numbers (and letters, depends on the airline). If you were booked "electronically", you need this to enter in the electronic check-in machines at the airport. If you could not find this, or if you have forgotten your itinerary at home, be sure you know where you are going to and what time you are flying. I have seen passengers (and even myself), who forget the time of my flight (and sometimes - frequent fliers even do not remember where they are going to).

    Here is an example of a Passenger Name Record (PNR):

    1*NW8916Y 14FEB SA ATLNRT HK1 945A 225P]1/O $DL0055H E
    2 NW 21Y 15FEB SU NRTBKK HK1 700P 1240A]1/O E
    3*MH9065Y 20FEB FR BKKKUL HK1 850A 1200N/O TG0415 E
    4*MI9413Y 25MAR WE KULSIN HK1 805A 900A/O MH0601 E
    5 PR 506Y 30MAR MO SINMNL HK1 1225A 405A/O E
    P- 1.ATL 404 999 9999 CELL
    T- 1.T/00123456789
    This PNR shows the PNR Number, or Confirmation Number: 2PHHMP1.1 means that there is one passenger on this PNR.

    TRAVELER - the last nameNAME - is the first name

    The line numbers 1 through 5 are called "segments" show the Flight Number and the Airline, or sometimes, like in this case, the Code Share (airlines have code-sharing agreements with other airlines), the cities where the airline traveler is coming from and going to. For example, on Line No. 1, the Flight shows NW 8916 from ATL (Atlanta) to NRT (Narita Japan). who do not know about "code-sharing" would think that this is a Northwest Airlines flight because of NW8916. But - and this is very important - if you look at the end of Segment 1, you will see "DL0055". THAT is the operating airline - meaning that although the "Code Share" number shows it as NW8916, the airline that will take you from ATL to NRT is a Delta Airlines aircraft.

    It is the case with Segment No. 3 where it is showing MH9065. MH is acronym for Malaysia Airlines, so you might be thinking that it is a Malaysian Airlines flight. But, look again at the end of the segment. It states: TG0415. TG is Thai Airways. So, here, you will not be taking a Malaysia Airline flight from BKK (Bangkok) to KUL (Kuala Lumpur), but you will be taking a Thai Airways plan.

    The rest of the information showing in your PNR are: your phone number, the travel agency's contact number (if done with a travel agency), the date you ticket was purchased, how much you paid for the ticket showing the currency (example, US Dollars, Italian Lira, etc.) that you paid for it.

    Check your Airlines for Discounted Tickets

    Airlines are also a good source of discount airline travel tickets. Most airlines have advertised and unadvertised (or internet only) specials. Below is the list of all U.S. airlines. You may call them directly and or visit their website and look for discount travel.

    Airlines Info

    American Airlines

    Alaska Airlines

    Continental Airlines

    Delta Airlines

    Frontier Airlines

    Hawaiian Airlines

    Jet Blue Airlines

    Northwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines

    United Airlines

    U.S. Airways

    Foreign Airlines:

    Air France

    Air Lithunia

    American Airlines

    Ansett Airlines

    Asiana Airlines

    Austrian Airlines

    British Airways

    Canadian Airlines International

    Cathay Pacific Airways

    Continental Airlines

    Japan Airlines

    Korean Airlines

    Lufthansa Airlines

    Malaysia Airlines

    Nippon Airways

    Philippine Airlines

    Singapore Airlines Here is a helpful video for your guidance in making airline reservations :

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