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Edita N. Laurel, Web Publisher and Editor of (ATG): 

The best thing that ever happened to me: worked and retired at an airline. I have done so many things; worked at different careers and I could tell you, the knowledge that one could gain working at an airline is so precious, priceless, and invaluable. The flight benefits are second to none! What other gift could you give to your loved ones better than world travel knowledge?

This site was established in 2009, and was at the top (less than 500,000 ranking). Now, with the upgrading of software and reprocessing, plus the continual process of rebuilding, ranking is not at all time high. However, we continue to strive to fill you with information in as short time as possible. My technical staff and I are doing everything to catch up with hackers and other tech and time difficulties.  We do appreciate your patience. We will be there soon.  Please visit us often. We have great plans in the works. More sites in the;, and airport In the meantime, we wish you all a happy flying to wherever your heart desires!

Edita N. Laurel

EditaNLaurel,  Web Editor and Publisher of Airline Travelers

Edita N. Laurel, Web Publisher and Editor, Laurel Media

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