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Fort Hood Shooting/Breaking News

Posted April 2, 2014, 950PM CST

The Fort Hood shooter, Soldier Alvin Lopez, whose name was leaked earlier to the press, is dead,  with self-inflicted gunshot, along with three others. Sixteen other people are injured and are being treated at a local hospital.

During the Press conference, the Commander of Fort Hood did not want to confirm the name of the shooter. He confirms however,  that the shooter is being treated for mental health issues, and had just transferred to Fort Hood last February. He also stated that the shooter served in Iraq in 2011. The mental health issue has not been diagnosed, so the officer is not sure at this time,  if it was PTSD.

According to the commander, the shooter was confronted outside the parking lot by a female military officer. The shooter raised his gun to his head and shot himself at that point. He was about 20 feet from a building, at a parking lot when he shot himself. The gun is a 45 mm semi-automatic and not registered at Fort Hood. It was purchased just recently.

Sixteen others were sent to the local hospital, with injuries ranging from stable to very critical, according to hospital authorities in a press conference earlier.

President Barack Obama sent his condolences at his meeting in Chicago earlier today.

E. Laurel