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Jewelries for Travel

Important:  Are your Jewelries Covered by Insurance? Jewelries, like antiques and rare works of art that are packed inside the suitcase are NOT covered by airline's insurance. However, if you have insured them as part of the home contents insurance, you should be able to file a claim with your insurance agency.

Don't just travel in jeans and tee shirts. Add some bling! There is "feel good" feeling when you are dressed not just appropriately, but also luxuriously (but comfortably, of course!)

When I travel, I do not wear my expensive jewelries. I gather all my custom (some expensive, some inexpensive), that match my outfit, and I choose those that will make me feel glamorous while in the aircraft. I remember my sister, who loves at least 14K gold jewelries, why she doesn't see my beautiful real gold or platinum jewelries. I told her that I want to keep those intact at home because she would be one of my heirs for my real real jewelries. 

Here are affordable beautiful jewelries for your travel.

Natural Turquoise Stone Love Sail Necklace from Evening Crystals Now $10 ($60 value)
Antique Tibet Turquoise Necklace from Evening Crystals Now $18 Antique Bronze Pearl Earrings from Evening Crystals Now $10 Travel offers from all over the United States Beautiful Murano Love Charm Bracelet for only $19.00 $19 for 1 year Online Guitar Lessons ($134 value)