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 Special Pages for Air Travelers

Air travelers, these guides are for you...


Hello and a Warm Welcome! 

Cold cold go away! Winter has just started after that Winter during the Fall. Now it is cold cold again and windy here in Minneapolis. Cold cold - go away! That's what a lot of states are saying now. This is your Airline Travelers' Guide! Welcome to air travel guide, best travel tips, best travel destinations guide. I do apologize for the constant changes. My hosting company upgraded the software, and as a result, some portions are still under "reprocessing", and moving all the pages from the old software to the new one.  I am a writer, a traveler, but not a website technical builder. Although, I really wanted to. I am learning IT - but more in hardware and architecture, and database management in my SAP courses.  The crash of the Russian aircraft was determined to be because of the pilot error. All military choir members and crew perished on the crash into the Black Sea on Christmas Eve.

Still thinking of what really happened with Malaysia Airlines Flight.  Really, nothing to report. Break from consulting right now. I did not get the consulting contract in Hawaii; same thing with the bid at a local airport. I should lower my bids next time. Well,  maybe get one in Paris. :-)!    I added a page on Human Resource technology career field. See it here. I am officially a certified Social Media Specialist. For those who are ready for me, I am ready for you. Have I told you that I am addicted to schooling? If someone is funding, I am going! Just got accepted to Mission Critical Institute, classes to be held online, except for the MBA courses that will be held at Concordia University, my alma mater. In the meantime, thanks so much for coming back and visiting out pages here at airline travelers

Edita (the Airport Sleuth),

Your Webmaster

Air Travel and Breaking News

Air Travel & Breaking News

Find the latest and breaking news about air travel at these pages. Special features include the updates on Malaysia Airlines (MH370) disappearance.

Gue to traveling with pets

Travel with Pets

Traveling with Fido. Garfield or Fido flying with you? We all love our pets. We want their air travel to be comfortable like ours. Check out our pages on pet travel. Also, find out how your pet can fly for free, and the airlines' policies on pets. What are the temperature restrictions? We have the resources for you. Sadly, one of our model pets here, Tiger, went to cat heaven, after 15 years of pampered living in this earth.

Check out the airfare, hotel and car deals

The Hottest Discounts on Air Fare and Other Deals 

The hottest air fare Deals. Where to find discounted tickets and airfare?

Travel Etiquettes

Flight Etiquette/Do's and Don'ts

  • What not to do on board
  • What foods not to eat
  • Watch your manners
Guide to People with Disabilities

Physically Challenged? A Guide to Passengers with Disability

Are you a passenger with special needs? We link you to the airline's air travel policies and how they handle people who have special needs. Physically challenged? Here is your travel guide for you.

Passports and Visa Requirements

Passports and Visas

Do you need a passport to your destination? Find out here. Also featured are the rush passport processing offices you can go to if you are in a hurry.  Advisories. Passports and visas. Documentation. Language. What to bring in and out of your country destination.  Also, Rush Passport Processing in Minneapolis

Do you have a fear of flying? Help here.

Conquer that Fear of Flying...we're here to help!

Are you afraid to fly? Here are some tips on how not to be.

Air Travel Technology Updates

Without technology, air travel would not be possible. Technology keeps on evolving. Here are some of the latest tech gadgets for air travel.

Airport Security & Other Flight Regulations

What is the latest in airport security? Do's and don'ts when you go through security screening. TSA and other government regulations to maintain airport and flight security.

A List of all Airlines in this World

All the airlines of the whole world are on this list.  Promise.

Airline Consumers Page Resource

Where can you find information on airline passengers consumers rights? Where to find good deals on airfare, hotels and care rentals? What if you encountered some issues with your airline and airports? What to do? Where to go? Who to call?

Cancelled Flights? Delayed Flights?

Information on what to do if your flight is cancelled.

Luggage, Baggage and the Like

Information about luggage and baggage. What do the airlines require? How many can you check in? Do you pay? How much? 

Airports of the World

All the airports of the world are here. Domestic and international.

Too Stressed to Travel?

Tips to stress-free travel