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Technology and Air Travel

We have seen it. The use of technology in helping locate Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. So many volunteers helped identify various debris found on the computer images, at the area believed to have been the place where MH370 might have sunk.Without technology, air travel will not be possible. Here, on this page, we will compile articles on the web showing how technology is helping air travelers. Let's start now ~

  • Travel Reservations

1) SAP and Amadeus. Technology helps in making travel reservations easier. SAP, a major software developer, has partnered with Amadeus in making a travel app that will be stored in the clouds.

2) SAP (Success Factors). Success Factors, now part of SAP,  has a very popular Human Capital Management Software (HCM) that air travelers can use for online or cloud based h.r. activities.

3) Laser Technology and 3-1-1. You know about the 3-1-1 Rule that is being used at airports. This Rule started in 2006, where the TSA put a limit on the liquid that could be brought into the airplane. TSA is the agency that is in charge of enforcing the rule. Good news for those who need to bring important liquids. A company in U.K. - Cobalt Technology made it possible. Read the whole story here.

4) American Airlines uses iBeacon. This app helps an air flyer to navigate at airports. How many minutes to walk from the security screening to the gate? This app will tell you that. Read the whole story here.

Here are some technology web articles. Use the slider on the right to see all the pictures.  Click on the picture, then click on purple tab at bottom right to go to the source.

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We will update you on more latest technology that are useful in helping the airlines and the air travelers. See you soon here. More technology next time.

Here are more news links on air travel and technology ~

Posted 6/23/2014 at 1:11 pm CST