Top Ten Travel Destinations

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Top Ten Destinations as Ranked by Airline Travelers

The following are the top ten travel destinations per frequently booked by airline travelers, as reported by Travelocity. The Travelocity readers (Travelocity is one of our travel partners), were surveyed and the list below shows that result of the survey asking the readers what they prefer as the top ten travel destinations.

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    • 1. LAS VEGAS - I was not expecting Las Vegas to be the first and top of the top tren travel destinations, but the readers spoke. Also called the "Sin City" or City of "Lost Wages", Las Vegas revels in being the number 1 choice of travel. The reasons are plenty. The No. 1 reason Las Vegas is chosen if because of the entertainment. Of course, most of us are also thinking that we would come home millionaires - but that hardly happens - unless you are really lucky. Dubbed as the "entertainment capital of the world", Las Vegas attracts millions of people from all over the world. It can also be called the "Quick Wedding Capital of the World". You can get married in Las Vegas without much waiting. There are wedding chapels all over. I know a lot of friends and some relatives who went there as single, and came home married. Las Vegas is a city of lights, of glitz, of 24-hour non-stop action. The original reason why Las Vegas was built is to attract "risk takers", o.k., gamblers. Going to Las Vegas has always been a dream come true for a lot of people. It boasts of attracting tourists from around the globe. Whenever I go to Las Vegas, I always meet people sitting next to me - usually a couple - who just came from an international flight - and transferring to Las Vegas as their ultimate destination. When you are in Las Vegas, it seems like you have traveled the world. Why? The likes of famous buildings are depicted in some of the casinos. You will find yourself finding scenes in Paris, Venice, Egypt and New York.

    • Gambling is not the only one thing to do in Las Vegas. There are a myriad things to do and see. There are many shows to see, many beautiful restaurants to go to eat. The hotel prices are really inexpensive. You can find a dollar hot dog (or in some places - even free), one dollar shrimp cocktail, and thousands of eating establishment - from the most inexpensive buffets to the high-end restaurants.

      Las Vegas was built in the middle of a desert. As such, you will find beautiful desert scenes. You can visit the lakes, the grand Hoover Dam, and smaller lakes in the area.

      Shopping in Las Vegas is as varied as its visitors. You can find small boutiques, flea markets, and expensive designer shops that you can see in New York City and other shopping destinations worldwide. It is also the home to hundreds of designer outlets shops. Those places are often the shopping destination of internet marketers, such as people selling in eBay.

      Las Vegas is the site of yearly conventions and meeting of various industry organizations. With thousands of feet of conventions and meeting centers, it is a favorite amongst convention organizers.

      Living in Las Vegas.

      I lived and worked in Las Vegas for a few months. Unfortunately for me, it was during the Summer months. Desert hot weather. But don't worry. All the casinos are air-conditioned. The houses are also air-conditioned. Outside the casinos and other establishments, you will find "misters" to cool you off. It is kind fun and refreshing to be standing below a mister being spritz with water during hot summer desert temperature.

      You will never get bored in Las Vegas. Retiring in Las Vegas is still in my list. Las Vegas saw a boom in real estate construction and development. When I was there many years ago, I toured several newly-opened housing development. The prices are much lower and houses are bigger, usually, for the price that you have to buy. I was in the Bay Area when I commuted - worked - in Las Vegas. Nowadays though, Las Vegas real estate owners became foreclosure victims. It is one, if not at the top of housing foreclosures.

      For investors, it can be a good time to purchase property there. Be careful, though, if you are a person who could not control yourself, spending, shopping, and using your hard-earned paychecks for gambling, Las Vegas should not be your place of residence but just a place to visit.


    • 3. MEXICO

    • 4. CARIBBEAN


    • 6. FLORIDA


    • 8. HAWAII

    • 9. CHICAGO

    • 10. EUROPE

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      Top Ten Reasons why PeopleTravel by Air

      Why Travel by Air?

      Airlines provide you with several reasons to travel by air. They also give you hundreds of travel destinations to choose from. Here, we are giving you the top ten reasons why people fly by air - to go to the Top Ten Travel Destinations we mentioned above. Whether you are looking for a romantic get-away or an action-filled vacation place, air travel can take you there.

      Why do air travelers choose air travel to go to those destinations? The reasons are simple: for ease, speed and comfort. Nothing beats traveling by air. Add to that is the safety record of air travel. Air travel so far has been the safest means of travel for everyone.

      Speed: Air travelers' purpose for choosing flying when they want a speedy and no - traffic kind of travel are plenty. It will take 3 days and 3 nights to fly from the Midwest to the West if they want to see the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. But it will only take only about three hours and a half to go there by air. So, if a family wants to go to San Francisco and stay there for a week, flying is the best option. Below are some of the reasons why travelers travel by air:

      Here are some of the reasons and purpose why people fly.

      1) To go shopping:

      Shopping travel destinations. Where to shop? Air travelers who want to buy a specific item and/or want to shop for various items that they can find only in one city, for example, New York City, for those designer high-end item, Tiffany's Coach, for example, they fly. Many travel promoters even organize special "shopping trips" to large cities and malls, i.e. Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis, which is only 10 minutes away from Minneapolis (MSP) Airport.

      2) For Family Vacations:

      Family vacations. When families decide to go on vacation, usually the whole family vote for their destination. If they have children and want their children to see DisneyWorld Resort they will decide to go to Orlando (MCO), or for smaller "Disney"-themed destinations, they can fly to Disneyland,in Anaheim, California.

      3) To go explore nature and/or to go Hiking:

      Hiking - For lovers of nature, outdoor and exercise, they choose to fly to states, countries or states that provide several hiking places. Air traveler may choose to hike at the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail and other National Scenic Trails - North Country Trail. Avid hikers fly to one spot and start their trail. The National Scenic Trails were built with foot traffic in mind. They do not allow other means of transportation in these trails. The National Scenic Trails were built to highest the scenic places of the United States from the West Coast to the East Coast.

      4)For Nature Travels:

      Going to see the country's natural wonders is another reason why people and families use air travel. The United States and other countries in the world provide so many nature-travel destinations. Go here to find some nature travel packages

      Nature Travel Specialists

      Nature travel not only provides an invigorating way to travel. It also gives us more understanding of Mother Nature and what she offers. It provides us with eye-opening information about the habitats of the earth and what their role in our globe. The families can fly to domestic destinations and explore the U.S. Parks, the mountains of Colorado, the wildlife and the geysers at Yellow Stone National Park and other similar travel destinations. For those who can afford, they can travel by air to other international destinations, like Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, China, New Zealand, Peru, and they can even plan a flight and a trip for an African Safari. If you do not want to travel alone, the above destinations can provide you with travel specialist and/or travel guides to lead your journey. Travel specialists can be found in any part of the world where they specialize. If you are going to South America, Tropical Nature Travel can guide you. Ecuador Nature Travel specialists

      Check out the following travel specialists: Travants - travel specialists

      There are also travel guides that are called "generalists". What is the difference? There was actually a study done on this that you can find here Study: Travel Specialists vs. Travel Generalists

      5) For Fishing outside the traveler's home area:

      For those who love fishing for sports or for food, they can fly to destinations where a specific kind of fish can e found in abundance. There are also several fishing travel guides that they can contact if they are in this kind of travel. For air travelers who want to do deep sea fishing FishNet Connect can provide you with more information on where to go, how to fish, and other important information that those who are born to fish need to know. When I was a little girl, we lived in a fishing village in Southern Philippines where I saw all kinds of huge fish, including shark that were being caught and traded at that area. I remember seeing some swordfish occasionally jumping from the deeps of the Sarangani Bay onto the air. Just imagine how exciting it is for those who were born to fish to see these kind of action during their deep-sea fishing. Some of the destinations for deep sea fishing can be found in the Atlantic Coast, the Caribbean, Alaska, Costa Rica, Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, Mexico, Pacific Coast and many many more not only here in the United States but around the world. You are only limited by your budget. Later, at the last part of this section, I will tell you how to get free flights or almost free flights if you want to go around the world to do some deep see fishing or whatever else your heart desires.

      6) For Beach Combing/Sun and Fun Travel

      A major part of air travelers, especially those who have long winters, like Minnesota and North Eastern states are inflicted with what we call "cabin fever". So as soon as they can during winter season, they go the destinations where the weather is warm, where they can lay on the beach, and enjoy the weather. The "Sun and Fun" destinations include the states of Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, the Bahamas. Spring is usually the best time to go for many travel agencies and airline provides very good fare to these destinations. Try to avoid the "Spring Break" since the beaches and the sun destinations will be filled with the younger crowd - and I mean younger, teenagers and college kids. So, if you want a quiet and relaxing and crowd-free sun and fun destinations during your travels, be sure to on a day other than Spring Break. Be sure to check out the fares of our partners at deals from our partner agencies

      7) To Migrate from One Country to Another:

      Migrating airline travelers

      For most immigrants to the United States, the only way to go is by air travel. United States if one of the countries in the world sought after as a resident and immigrant destination of people from other countries. This is so because the United States is considered the land where dreams do come true. Personally, that is the reason why I came to the United States. I had a very good paying job, very good education, but the rest of family and my parents did not have what I have.

      So, my decision to migrate to America is primarily for them and my family. I knew that if I come and migrate here, I can petition the rest of my family members, and all the dreams that I had for my parents will come true. Sadly, my father passed away after only 6 years in the United States, and two of those years were in a nursing home. I miss him and I think of him everyday. I am glad, though, that before he left this world, he knew that I took care of him and that I cared about him.

      He had the best medical care, something that he would not have back in my country. For most people who migrate to the United States, they were petitioned by the family members. I did not know any family members who could petition me so I went a different way. I started corresponding with an American guy who I later married. Back home I did not see me marrying someone of my own nationality. It is not because they were no good men there because majority of the men who courted me were good guys, but because I have my own insecurities. I was worried that the income will not be good enough for the family that I will build; I was worried that the man that I will marry will have friends and/or family members who would be abusive to animals. I had this very soft heart to homeless cats and dogs and I could not bear the thought that I would meet someone who is different in that aspect. So, here I am, in the United States, writing about air travel. America the beautiful here I am. And I fly here by air on PanAm Flight No. 1 from Manila to San Francisco where I met my husband the very first time.Of course, America is not the only well-sought after country to live in. Some people chose to migrate to Canada and to countries in Europe. To see how to migrate to these countries, visit the specific countries ' website and check their immigration procedures.

      8) For Business Travel

      The day by day travel is done by business people. Several business people commute or go to another branch office location on a daily basis. I know of several government employees who commute from the nation's capital to New York, and vice-versa. New York business people also fly, sometimes on a daily basis to other cities. They may fly on the same day to Minneapolis, Detroit or Atlanta, but if they have to go to the West Coast, they sometimes stay 2 days or more. For these people, commuting is done daily through the air, air travel, that is.

      Here are other kinds of airline travelers:

      Religious airline travelers

      Family airline travelers

      Emergency airline travelers

      Military airline travelers

      Government airline travelers

      Travelers because they have to

      Cruising airline travelers

      Adopting abroad airline travelers

      Student airline travelers

      Working the flight airline travelers

      Trade convention airline travelers

      Gambling & contests airline travelers

      Beach Combing




      Shopping travel destinations

      Family vacations

      Looking for treasures


      To attend a friend's or relative's emergency (medical or funeral).

      Sun travel destinations

      Romantic Travel Get-aways

      Singles Club Destinations

      Singles Cruises

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